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Best bathroom trash cans not only hold rubbish but also carry more other things. These trash cans have technology that makes them unique.

The best bathroom cans 2020 comes in a variety of designs so that they meet the needs of people. Therefore, you will be able to have a variety of choices to pick.

It is essential to buy a trash can that is not only easy to change but also clean. Best bathroom trash cans are sturdy, durable, and are ideal for the current home’s décor. They are also quite affordable. Below are the best bathroom trash cans that meet all your wants.

1. Umbra Bathroom Trash can

At the top of the best bathroom trash cans is Umbra can. This trash can have a rounded bottom. Therefore, nothing will get stuck in the corners, meaning you will do the rinsing with ease.

The top of the can is wider than the bottom. Therefore, there are few chances of tipping over.

Another good thing about this can is the price. It is affordable since you just replace the sucker rather than cleaning it.

The shape of this stylish can is unique and perfect for the space in your bathroom. It is a skinny shiny bathroom trash can. It is available in multiple colors so, you can choose one according to your bathroom furnishings. Thus, it is ideal for your bathroom décor.

The trash can have no sharp edges; it is non-smelly and is big enough. Therefore, it is a perfect size to fit your bathroom.

2. AmazonBasics Trash can

In case you want to buy a sturdy and durable bathroom trash can, AmazonBasics trash tin is the best choice for you.

The can is a bit taller compared to other tins. It comes in the cylinder shape and can gather 18-quart waste. Therefore, you can gather a lot of trash. Also, this can give a suitable look that has made of the steel wire with a strong base and edges.

It is medium in size, sturdy, durable, and made of excellent quality. This can is transparent, and the waste you put into it is visible. Thus, the tin serves its purpose well.

The trash tin also has a high and low handle. Hence, it gives the can a modern look making it look cute. The cans come in a variety of colors. You will be able to pick the best color for your bathroom.

3. Simple human 6-liter trash can

In case you prefer a plastic bathroom, trash can over steel cans, this is one of the great deals for you. They can have a high-quality plastic, thus making it more durable.

The trash tin has a perfect size for the bathroom. Therefore, it fits well in your bathroom.

The inner liner is also removable. Thus, when using this trash can, you don’t need a bag; hence you can easily wash the trash out.

Furthermore, the tin doesn’t dent easily as compared to other metallic cans.

The trash can is just a simple product. You can use your liners, plastic shopping bags, or veggie bags.

The bottom of the trash can is sturdy; hence do not topple over easily when empty. The sturdy base allows you to step on the pedal. This can have a lid to cover its top. Therefore, the smell of food cannot spread throughout the room.

4.mDesign Trash can

If you don’t want something oversized that perfectly fits in your small bathroom, m-Design can is what you need. The tin is medium in size, thus a perfect size for your bathroom.

The tin has a slight sheen and has a strong plastic. Therefore, mDesign trash tin is durable.

Also, mDesign trash can has a unique and simple design. Thus, the tin is easy to wash.

The tin is big enough; hence, it does not require constant emptying of the trash. m-Design saves much of your time since you don’t need to clean the tin continually.

The tin is heavy at the base. You can freely use the foot pedal without falling. The best of all it comes in multiple colors so you can choose the most suitable one.

Furthermore, the tin has no sharp edges. Therefore, it does not cover a vast space in your bathroom.

5.Rubbermaid Step-on Lid trash can

Rubbermaid bathroom trash can is one of the top-rated and best bathroom trash cans. The tin is stylish, durable, and rectangular. The shape makes it fit the space better than the round can.

You don’t require assembly when using this trash tin. You are just supposed to snap the lid to open. Thus, the tin is simple and easy to use.

Also, the plastic is a bit quieter than a metal lid when the lid hits the countertop behind it. This makes the trash tin more efficient for use.

The tin is taller and broad in size. Therefore, it does not require constant emptying.

This can come with the liner lock technology, which defends the waste bag and does not let it slide from the can. The tip keeps the smell in because of the lid and also holds the trash on the inside. The compost doesn’t show slip.


6. Brabantia Sort and Go waste bin

Another best bathroom trash can is Brabantia. It has an adorable non-offensive, and simple look with a beautiful color. It has covered with a lid, which can be detached if you want to clean it without any hurdle.

The lid of the bin has a little lip. Therefore, you can lift it easily with the side of your arm. You only need to raise the top and throw your trash into the can.

The bin also has a bag system that goes under the top lid. Thus, it prevents the bag from falling and ensuring that there is no mixing of trash. The tin has an excellent quality, and it keeps the smelly compost from spreading.

Furthermore, the can is light. Thus, you can easily carry it when you want to empty it. This trash can has a medium-size handle so you can take it with ease.

7. iDesign Pail trash can

Do you prefer a metallic trash can over a plastic can? Then, iDesign pail metal trash can is your choice. The tin is among the best and top-rated best bathrooms cans in the market. iDesign is the queen of all other bathroom trash cans in the market.

The tin is sturdy, durable, and large enough. Therefore, you do not have to empty the can all the time. Also, the broad base of the tin prevents it from tipping over. The can is medium in size. Thus, it fits your small bathroom.

Furthermore, the trash tin has a lid that covers it. The top prevents the smell of the compost in the can from spreading.

The tin looks sturdy as it is metallic, and the quality of the tin is excellent overall. Therefore, in case you are planning to buy a good bathroom trash can, try this type.

8. Greenco Mesh Trash can

Green.co mesh trash can is another best bathroom trash can. The tin is squire in shape, thus fitting well in the small space of the bathroom.

Since the can is metallic, it is sturdy enough for its purpose. Also, it is a visible design trash can, so you can view if you have dropped something accidentally. Thus, making it efficient and the best bathroom trash can.

The tin has a mesh casing. The mesh prevents suction from occurring when removing trash bags.

Also, the trash tin has the right height and is wide enough for you to throw your trash. Therefore, it can hold quite a bit of stuff.

The lid of the bin has a little lip. Therefore, you can lift it easily with the side of your arm. You only need to raise the top and throw your trash into the can.

9. Creative Scents Dublin

I would recommend Creative scents Dublin trash can if you are looking for a small trash can. The tin is stainless; thus, it is durable. They can perfectly fit into your bathroom. Thus, it is ideal for your bathroom.

Paper bags and other trash can perfectly fit in this can. Thus, nobody can see the garbage in the tin. The tin has a small handle, which you can hold with ease. Therefore, it enables the emptying of the can to be simple. It also adds the elegance of a trash receptacle.

The cans do not need a focal point in your décor. Thus, they are useful in your bathroom.

The bottom of the trash can is sturdy; hence do not topple over easily when empty. The sturdy base allows you to step on the pedal. Furthermore, the tin doesn’t dent easily as compared to other metallic cans.  

10.Blue Donuts Multifunctional

Blue Donuts multifunctional trash can is the best bathroom trash can in the market. As the word goes, this can is multifunctional. Therefore, the tin holds trash and any other garbage.

Blue Donuts cans do not need a liner. Therefore, they will not be able to rust since they are stainless.

The tin has a lid that covers the top cap of the can. Therefore, the flies and the smell do not spread in the room. The lid stays open in case the tin is in use. The tin is big enough, thus does not require constant emptying of trash.

The base of the can is sturdy and heavy. Therefore, it is incredibly convenient to open the lid with your foot and deposit things inside. The cover also closes on its own.

Buying Guide for Best Bathroom Trash Can

We always carry out a mental assessment before buying any product. A person must strike a balance between his need and the budget available. Moreover, for day to day household products, we must consider the make and type of the product, its size, its usefulness, etc. In the case of a bathroom product, one must be very careful and choosy unless, the overall beauty, decor of the bathroom may have destroyed. The following write up will give a guideline to the potential buyer for the best bathroom trash can.

Size of the Trash Can.     

 In-fact, the size of the trash can depend on a few things. These are as under:

  • How frequently one uses trash can.
    • The size of the family e.g. single, or joint family.
    • The number of bathrooms available in a house.
    • The number of kids, parents, and grandparents staying in the house.
    • Generally, the size of the bathroom trash maybe a smaller one then the kitchen.
    •  Trash cans in bathrooms need to be emptied more frequently. 
    • The entire bathroom converts smelly If the diapers, or any such items put in it the bathroom trash can.
    • If someone buys big size bathroom trash can, it will need more time to get it filled. Regular cleaning of the bathroom trash can become difficult.

The Price of the Bathroom Trash Can.

On average, the price of the best bathroom trash cans may not exceed $25-$45. 

The price mainly depends on the size, shape, type, and features of the trash can. 

In general, the price may be from $5 to $70. For good and a decent one, you can get it $10 to $45 price range.

Shape and Type

Mainly, the trash can has made of either plastic or stainless steel. In case of the bathroom the stainless steel one has always recommended for the following reasons:

  • Stainless steel can is relatively heavier than plastic and pedal-operated bathroom trash cans. It does not tip.
    • The next reason is its ecstatic look. 
    • The plastic bathroom trash cans are also liked by many due to their lightweight and easy to carry feature. 
    • The plastic bathroom trash can is having an added advantage that it will not have rust.
    • The Stainless steel won’t rust either, but sometimes some unknown reasons catch rust.

Which one is the Best Bathroom Trash Can?

There are mainly three (03) types of the trash can. These are as under:

  1. Swing Lid Trash Can
  2. Paddle Operated Trash Can.
  3. Touch Less Automatic Trash Can.

There are few other types of trash cans e.g. touch trash cans and voice-activated trash cans. Mainly, these types of trash cans are very expensive. These may not be used in a bathroom.

Considering all types of Bathroom Trash Cans pros and cons, we recommend buying a touch-less type having swing lid with paddle operated bathroom trash can. Because these are more hygienic and very easy to operate. 


Everything will be right for you when you buy any of the above best bathroom trash cans. You will be able to buy a tin which is worthwhile for your purpose. The above ten top-rated and best bathroom cans 2020 are sturdy and durable. Furthermore, in case you want a smooth operation in your bathroom, the tins have pedals to make your work easier. The cans ensure your bathroom remains neat and attractive.