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Have you ever noticed the best book light? Book reading at night may cause you particular problems besides exciting moments. Book lovers would better know how amazing it feels to read some pages of a book before going to night sleep. Well, the typical eye-care problems can be easily solved with book lights correctly structured to read at night.

These compact items can further utilized for multi-purpose use on laptops, headboards, or even clipboards. You don’t need to search among thousands of book lights as we have presented our ten best book light reviews and buying guides in the sections given below.

Top 10 Best Book Lights You Can Buy In 2020

Read our detailed reviews containing different appealing features such as maneuverability, weight, and brightness, etc. Keep in mind that investing in book lights can also give you several other advantages to be used apart from reading books.

1 – Vekkia Rechargeable LED Book Reading Lamp

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Looking for a cordless book reading lamp? Vekkia LED Book Light got you covered as it comes with 1000mah Li-ion battery for exceptional performance. Feeds your eye-care with six brightness levels and four power modes. The lamp is quite compact, and super-lightweight is weighing just 2.15 ounces. It is compatible with almost all other sources such as laptops and power bank with included 5V phone charger and USB port.

The light is highly portable as you can carry it over handbags and totes etc. Plus, you can use it everywhere, like buses, hotels, airplanes, cars, and other small congested places. Clip it on the place where you want to use it with an inbuilt 0.18 inches clip. Its 6 LEDs can even brighten up two full pages of any sized book.

  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Adjustable brightness levels
  • Inbuilt battery with 60 hours continuous performance
  • Cannot be clipped on the headboard

2 – Energizer Clip-On Book Reading Light

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The Energizer Clip-on book reading light may prove to be the best book light for paperbacks as well as kindles. If you own a kindle and want a compact reading, you may love the features of Energizer light, such as advanced LED technology, flexibility, extended run-time, and so on. Furthermore, the clip is oversized to easily fit over clipboards, visors, and big-sized books, etc.

The neck is highly flexible, so you can adjust it as per your needs and enjoy the brightness of 11 lumens with 25 hours runtime. It runs on included Energizer CR2032 batteries with long-lasting and efficient performance. The light is a cozy and warm with low to medium brightness. The significant part about the product is flexibility and maneuverability.

  • Flexible
  • Great runtime
  • Included batteries
  • Both for paperbacks and kindles
  • Oversized clip
  • No adjustment in brightness levels
  • Light is not too bright

3 – LEDGLE Hands-Free Book Light

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Want super-high flexibility in your book light? Try using this LEDGLE Hands-Free neck hanging light with helpful features. Hang it over the neck with two bulbs on each side and control brightness up to 4 levels. You have almost five options to choose from different colors. Its inbuilt 800mah Li-ion battery gives you a runtime of practically 5-20 hours in 2.5 hours of charging time.

The arms are durable and robust as well with heavy-duty steel material. Moreover, they are covered with silicone to make them bendable and smooth. After completion of charging, the green light will show up on the bending arm of the LED light. You may love to use this 80 lumen of best book light to read books even lying on the bed.

  • Neck hanging
  • Portable
  • Highly maneuverable
  • Adjustment in brightness levels
  • The inbuilt battery for 5-20 hours runtime
  • Heavy-duty ABS material
  • Cannot cover two full pages of the big book
  • Not long arms

4 – Ecologic Mart Book Lights Lamborghini

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It’s a double-arm book reading light with unique design and high performance. The brightness is evenly distributed with ten inbuilt LED bulbs and runtime of 130 hours on low brightness. Its sturdy clip with ideal size can smoothly go for medium-sized books, kindles, and other compatible platforms. All the accessories such as UL listed secure charger, extra-large charging cable, and a beautiful carry bag is also provided.

However, its arms are long enough to offer even brightness with medium, low, and high controls. Its 1200mah inbuilt Li-ion battery works amazingly to give you those long hours of reading. You can choose between four variants of lights offered by the manufacturer. The long cable gives you the required mobility in congested places.

  • Adjusted brightness
  • Sturdy clip
  • Extra-long charging clip
  • 10 LED bulbs
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Light not too shiny

5 – LuminoLite Rechargeable Book Lamp

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Here’s another review on compact, bright book light by LuminoLite with super-enough brightness levels. Adjust the modes and brightness levels with three control settings. You can even long-press to change its color temperature. Its inbuilt 1000mah Li-ion battery can provide almost 60 hours of runtime in 22-3 hours of charging time.

Also, the clip is oversized to fit over big books and headboards, etc. easily. The design is quite simple, maneuverable, and comes in two vibrant color options. Plug it with power banks, 5V phone chargers, or even USB ports. Not only the books, but the lamp is also suitable to use with laptops and other working areas where light is required.

  • Perfect runtime
  • Easy to use
  • Three brightness control settings
  • Maneuverable
  • 3000K night warm light
  • Clip area is big

6 – Perfectday Book Light

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You may love to have this best book light for bed by Perfectday. Being available in Matte Black color, the light is available in 12 eye-friendly LED bulbs for perfect brightness in the night reading. With the super-compact lamp, you can adjust lightning up to 3 control settings in low, medium, and high. This Goose Neck lamp can be adjusted up to 360 degrees while providing a full focus on two full pages of the book.

The three brightness levels are namely Warm White (2700K), Soft White Glow (3000K), and Daylight Glow (4000K). People already love the three setting modes provided in this highly-featured LED light. Furthermore, the body is durable and robust for long-lasting impact. The convenience to charge the light even with the phone is worth noting.

  • Durable and sturdy
  • 360-degree viewing angle
  • Three brightness settings
  • 12 super-bright LED bulbs
  • 100% satisfaction and money-back warranty
  • No color options

7 – Hooga Blue Block Book Light

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We want to reward it as the best book light 2020 because of its worth noting features. The light is strategically designed to block the blue spectrum rays up to 99.94%. You can enjoy its warm LED brightness with 1600K, which is enough to read lightweight books at night. The amber light also comes with an adjustment level of 50%, 25%, and 100%.

To run the four bright LED bulbs, there is an inbuilt rechargeable 1200mah Li-ion battery. Charge the light for 4 hours and enjoy reading up to 30 hours in low light settings. Also, the 36 inches of the USB cable is long enough to adjust those far away plugs. Amber light is comfortable and won’t disturb anyone around you.

  • Flexible neck
  • Durable
  • Amber light
  • Three brightness levels
  • Lightweight
  • Great runtime
  • Not too bright light

8 – LEPOWER Music Stand Book Reading Light

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The LEPOWER brand provides a wide light with almost 14 LED lamps with notable features. You can further adjust it to 3-level brightness without any issues of flickering. It comes with an oversized clip to directly over big-sized books, kindles, clipboards, or headboards. Charge it to at least 6 hours to enjoy the runtime 12-13 hours.

Nonetheless, the overall structure will not impact its maneuverability feature. Still, the lamp remains compact and multi-purpose. You can significantly use it as music stands apart from working tables and other craft tables. The statement also points out the fact that the clip is large enough to fit the lining of big tables also. Along with the durable clip, the lamp can be adjusted to almost 360 degrees viewing angle.

  • Flexible
  • Strong and big clip
  • Super-bright 14 LEDs
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Convenient
  • Not highly portable

9 – Glocusent LED Neck Book Light

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Glocusent Neck Reading Light may become your best book light for bed with its advanced technical features. Adjust the brightness with six settings and three colors with highly flexible arms. The three-color temperature hovers between 6000K (cool white), 4000K (warm white), and 3000K (yellow). You will be provided with an adjustable LED bulb on each arm.

The product is securely guaranteed by standard certifications such as CE, FCC, PSE, and RoHS approved. The inbuilt 1000mah Li-ion battery is enough for long-lasting brightness for about 80 hours. Its advanced features include partner-friendly 90-degree design not to disturb the partner sleeping beside you. All in all, this neck light band is highly ergonomic and built with enough brightness.

  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery
  • Partner-friendly design
  • Approved by standard certifications
  • Six brightness levels and three color settings
  • Durable
  • A bit tight around the neck
  • Lights not too bright

10 – DEWENWILS Book Light Rechargeable

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Adjust your book light to 180 degrees clockwise, 90 degrees counter-clockwise, and 46 degrees downward. The light further comes with super-high flexibility. A holder of 350 degrees is also provided for the best viewing angle. Its runtime lasts around 8-9 hours, with 1.5 hours of full charging. You can even carry it within your pockets with simple foldable design.

The brightness settings are provided at2 options with warm light not to disturb others as well as your eyes. This attractive book light weighs just 1.3 ounces and can be carried in airplanes, trains, or cars. It can be rotated to about 90-degrees to anticlockwise. Overall, the material is made up of heavy-duty ABS material, transparent holder, and metal clip.

  • Attractive design
  • Pocket-friendly structure
  • Brightness adjustments
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Ideal runtime
  • Lightweight
  • Only 200mah battery
  • Not 360 degrees rotatable

What Features To Look For In A Best Book Light?

Look for the following factors to buy the best book lights in 2020. The points may seem to be simple but greatly help you while choosing the best product in a hurry.

Adjustment of brightness level

Can the brightness level of the book light be adjusted? It may not be a necessary feature but proves to be highly efficient and points out to the advancement of the manufacturer. Generally, the settings go from 2-6 levels with medium, high, and low brightness. So, it’s an excellent feature to look upon as it also saves the runtime.

Power Source

Mostly the book lights are cordless. The cordless feature is the only one to be provided in a book light for flexibility and maneuverability. Also, try to avoid the book lights that come with replaceable batteries because you may need to change them every few days. So, wisely check the power source and choose as per your comfort level.


Booklights come in shapes, designs, and sizes, which profoundly affect their portability feature. No matter what design and shape the book light are made up of, it should be portable. You should be able to carry it around different places so that you can enjoy book reading everywhere.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Reading LED light necessary?

Of course, reading light is necessary. No matter what type of lights you are using, they are protecting your eyes well. And, if we talk of LED light specifically, they provide us with warm brightness. This brightness is not harsh at all and won’t disturb other persons hanging around.

Do several lumens matter in a book light?

They matter to some extent when you are primarily looking for the bright light that can provide a big brightness area up to 2 pages. Otherwise, you can go for lights with less lumen if you are not habitual of reading big books at night. They will also help you with the anti-disturbance property.

Which is better: Neck hanging book light or Clip-on book light?

We can’t say either as the best because both the lights perform their best functions. Neck hanging book lights are more flexible than clip-on lights, but they may not provide you with high brightness comparatively. So, you have to choose between them based upon your preferences. You can check upon factors like design, intensity, and flexibility.

Final Words

We hope the article made it a breeze to choose between the best book lights. After reading the reviews, you can look at our essential points through which we have gone to pick up the top product for you guys.

Happy Book Reading!