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In need of the best futon frames? A futon frame is a skeleton on which a futon is built.  It usually forms the base where you place the mattress. Best wood futon frames are those which you can easily convert to different positions.

Convertible sofas and alternative beds have considered futons. But futon originally refers to a Japanese bed that rests on the floor and is slightly different than a cotton-filled pad. To enjoy a good time at our house, we need a good sofa which will give us both pleasure and remove our tiredness from work. For this, we need a couch that has a good and strong frame like a futon frame.

Regardless of the brand or model you want, this post will help you find the best futon frames.  Here is a list of best and top-rated futon frames 2020 in the market. Read through this post to see the brand which fits what you want.

1. Nirvana Futons Frame

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Nirvana futon frame is our first and the most rated futon frame to consider. The frame has excellent quality with no blemishes, thus the best brand for you.

 You can easily convert the frame into a lounger or a sofa. Therefore, you can easily adjust Nirvana Futons to any design you wish.

The wood of the frame is sturdy and beautiful. Thus, the Nirvana frame enhances the look of your room. It has considered the best wood futon frame as well.

All the pieces of wood for assembling are available. The simple and clear instructions help you to gather the pieces with ease.

Therefore, the Nirvana futon frame is the best and comfortable futon frame brand you should buy.

2. Studio Bifold Futon

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Another top-rated and best futon frame is Studio bifold. No noticeable clunk sound when locked. You can convert the frame from couch to bed with ease. Sure, it is an excellent frame for you to buy.

All the pieces of equipment which are essential for assembling are made available for you. The necessary instructions for assembling are also available in the hardware. Therefore, it is easy to assemble the frame. For sure, you can quickly join the pieces on your own.

Furthermore, you can get a warranty of up to 5 years when you buy this frame. Therefore, with enough confidence, you can buy the frame. It includes five positions and can get converted into bed as well.

Studio Bifold frame looks durable and easy to get in the market. Thus, if you want to buy a durable futon frame, Studio Bifold is the best choice.

3. Kodiak Furniture Futon Frame

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Another best wood futon frame in the market is Kodiak Furniture. Indonesia is the manufacturer of the Kodiak frame, which has a butternut finish. The mattress does not come with this frame.

The design of a Kodiak frame is like that of sofa height seating. But you can convert it to a bed as well. The design makes it unique from other types of futon frames in the market.

You will not have the stress of assembling this frame since no tools needed for assembly.

All the pieces of the frame are marked, thus making it easy to assemble them.  All the instructions necessary for joining are available.  They are also easy to follow since colored dots and even additional pictures are available. The colored dots and images help to show the orientation of the pieces to one another.

Before you decide to buy this frame, it is essential to have a functional space. Kodiak Furniture frame requires ample space for assembling. When locked well, there is no noticeable creak sound.

4. DHP Aiden Metal Frame

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DHP Aiden Metal Futon Frame is a modern design frame. The large size and low seating design make it ideal to complement any décor.

You can easily convert the frame of DHP Aiden from a sofa to a lounger. Also, you can turn the fit up to a full-sized bed. The frame has some retainer clips which prevents the mattress from sliding.

The instructions for assembling the frame are easy to understand and follow.  Therefore, as long as you correctly assemble the pieces of the frame, it will not give you any problem.

DHP Aiden has a beautiful looking frame that is sturdy. Therefore, the sturdy frame gives maximum support and durability.

Sure, modern DHP Aiden Frame is the best futon frame 2020 for you to buy.

5. Stanford futon frame

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You can easily convert Stanford futon frame into a full-sized bed. You can also adjust the fit up into a sofa, thus making Stanford futon the best choice for you.

This best wood futon frame has beautifully colored. The design and the beautiful color of the frame attract many customers. This frame gives a complete classic and fashion look. It will increase the beauty of your house with its stained finish.

Instructions for assembling the frame are simplified, thus easy to understand.  Some colored pictures are available to guide you assemble the pieces of the frame. Furthermore, colored dots help to show the orientation of one piece to the other.

The frame of Stanford Futon is sturdy, attractive, and durable. Therefore, fit-up provides maximum durability.

Moreover, the frame is comfortable for sleeping or even sitting.

6. RealRooms-Bryon Metal Frame

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Another modern metal best futon frame 2020 is RealRooms-Bryon. The design of this frame uses the latest technology.  The new design of the fit-up ensures that it meets all the needs of its customers.

The frame is ideal for homes with limited space. The unique design of the futon fit-up ensures that it combines both the bed and the sofa in one piece.

The frame is metallic. Therefore, RealRooms fit-up is sturdy and durable hence ensuring maximum durability.

REALROOMS Metal futon frame is available in many colors in the market. Therefore, as a customer, you have a wide variety of colors to pick.

The instructions help you assemble Realrooms metals with ease. Once you gather the metal pieces correctly, the frame will not give you any problem.

7. Novogratz Brittany Premium

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Another stylish and modern futon frame is Novogratz Brittany Premium. Because of its unique design, most people prefer this type of futon frame.

The stable and durable, sturdy wood frame offers optimum support. Therefore, Novogratz is one of the stylish and sturdy frames you should buy. This premium linen sofa futon is easy to clean and has a tufted cushion back, that heightens its stylish look.

It is easy to assemble all the pieces that make the frame. It is possible because instructions that guide you to join the fit-up are simple and easy to understand.

The frame has high-quality solid wood. Therefore, the fit-up looks eye-catching and comfortable for sleeping or sitting. It comes with foam filling as well.

In case you want a stylish modern futon brand, the Novogratz Premium futon frame is the best choice for you.

8. Kodiak Furniture Tucson

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No doubt, the Kodiak Furniture Tucson futon frame is among the best futon frames in the market. It has made of hardwood and comes without mattress.

You can convert the frame to a standard full-size sofa with ease. Furthermore, you can adjust the fit-up to a couch, as it comes with a sofa sitting height.

You don’t use tools when assembling the pieces of the frame. Therefore, it is easy to join the pieces since the instructions are simple and easy to understand.  So long as the fit-up is correctly locked, there is no noticeable creak sound.

Kodiak furniture Tucson is very comfortable with thick futon mattress. Therefore, you will enjoy using this brand of the futon frame. It has considered among the best wood futon frames.

9. Jerry Up North  Frame

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Jerry Up North frame is another unique and best futon frame.  The frame is available in different colors in the market. Therefore, you have a variety of choices to pick.

Jerry Futon has a high frame that looks durable and easy to get it in the market.  Thus, reducing the stress of searching for the structure since it is readily available.

Furthermore, the hardwood of the frame is of good quality with no defects. The excellent quality of the chassis makes many people prefer it.

Everything needed for the assembling of the pieces of the frame is always available. The instructions which are simple and easy to understand are also made available. Therefore, you can assemble the parts on your own.

Jerry Sales Up North futon frame is sturdy and comfortable. Therefore, it is the right frame for the price since it is not expensive.

10. Fashion Bed Futon Frame

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The fashion bed futon frame is one of the best stylish and fashionable futon frames in the market. The frame is easy to set up and also to move into position. Assembly of this type of chassis is easy. Furthermore, all the parts of the frame are marked, thus making it easy to join them.

The frame is of steel with a black finish. The fashion bed futon frame has a sturdy back, industrial fit-up, and arched arms. The unique design of this frame makes it more comfortable and attractive.

You can convert the frame to a bed or sofa with ease. Therefore, you don’t have to stress yourself too much when it comes to adjusting the bed.

The price of the frame is low when compared to other types of futon frames.  As a customer, consider buying this type of chassis.

Buying guide for Futon Frame

Before buying any futon frame, a couple of things will come in your mind, and you need to consider them while buying a futon frame. And for that, the importance of a buying guide is immense. Before buying a futon frame, you need to consider the following factors: 


Before buying a futon frame, you have to consider space into your home. Buy the futon frame that fits perfectly in your home. You will have to consider how much space you can sacrifice for a futon frame in your home before buying it.


If you would like to use a futon frame for the long term, you need to consider its durability. Buy the futon frame, which is very durable and can serve your purpose as well.


The size of a futon frame is an important factor to consider before buying it. If you buy a futon frame which is too small or too large, you may not be able to use it properly. So, you need to consider the size of the best futon frame 2020, before buying it.


There are hundreds of styles in futon frames like traditional, modern, and many more. Buy the futon frame which can fit in your home perfectly and also increase the beauty of your room. There are also different colors and styles you may prefer in a futon frame.

Easy to use

Get those futon frames that are very easy to use. Because when you buy one which is very hard to use, then it will be of no use. So, consider its use before buying the best futon frame.


Before buying any product, you need to consider its price. The same applies in case of buying a futon frame. Choose the futon frame, which is less expensive and can easily fit in your budget.


Comfort is an important factor you need to consider before buying it. If the futon frame is not comfortable, you cannot use it according to your desire, and it will give you no comfort. So, buy those futon frames, which are comfortable to use.


Futon frames have made from wood or metal. Get either a wood futon frame or a metal frame, choose wisely, which one can serve your purpose rightly.

Easy to assemble

Purchase those futon frames which are easy to assemble. If it is easy to assemble a product, then it saves your time and energy. It is an important point to consider before buying any of the futon frames or any other product.


From the above post, there are lots of frames to choose from in the market. Some of the structures are made of wood, while others are metallic. Therefore, it is essential to know the type of chassis you intend to buy. 

It is also necessary to consider your budget since different Futon frames have different prices. Metallic structures are cheaper than wooden frames. Furthermore, consider the size of your room before you make any step of buying the best  futon frame. It’s my hope you will find the above post helpful to you.