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Just as the winter approaches, maintaining a fireplace can often get tedious. Arranging and seasoning the wooden logs is instead an unpleasant activity. If you are planning on installing a modern fireplace without the hassle of building it like a contemporary one, the best gas fireplace insert might be what you need. An amazing part about it is even if you don’t have a chimney, the piping system of the vented units can be extracted through other areas. Most people prefer best gas fireplace inserts as they are remote or thermostat operated, hence the heat can be controlled as per liking. They are easy to install and can bring warmth and comfort to your home in no time.

Top Ten Best Gas Fireplace Insert of 2020

The demand for the gas fireplace is always high in the market. To supply the requirement of the users, there are plenty of options. A lot of factors to be considered before making the final decision, here is a comprehensive article for you listing the best gas fireplace insert available in the market.

1 – Napoleon Vent Grandville Free VF Long Oxygen Set

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If you are looking for a gas fireplace for your home, which not only looks exquisite but can also heat your place, then this burner is the one for you. The compact design of this natural gas fireplace insert makes it straightforward to install. The natural wood burning look and flickering flame give it a realistic touch. Adjusting the heat/flame can be done by a remote.

It can be installed anywhere at your place, be it your bedroom or sitting room. Even in your bathroom, if that’s something you have in mind.  This comes with ODS (Oxygen depletion sensor) technology, which turns the unit off when the oxygen level reaches below the standard limit. You can beat the cold winter with this fireplace insert.

  • It is one of the best reliable sources for setting heat.
  • This is ideal for large houses with 1250 sq ft room size approximately.
  • The remarkable performance of the remote system
  • It is a bit expensive product.
  • For a few users, the heat transmission issue was noticed.

2 – Empire Direct Tahoe Fireplace Deluxe

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For a fast-acting solution, this millivolt gas fireplace insert is powerful enough to get the job done.  The unit is pretty durable and runs on Natural gas only. By bringing the hot air bit by bit, it gradually heats the room at a constant flow. It’s engineered to operate with the log kit that comes with the unit. You can manually control the burning, and also it doesn’t emit a lot of exhaust. The part comes with a firm, detachable glass face that seals it permitting only exterior air for ignition.

  • Affordable heating system
  • The unit has a well sturdy built
  • Heat circulation is possible in big aerated rooms.
  • Few users have found no manual guide inside the product. Hence they have faced issues in setting up the insert.

3 – Duluth Forge Fuel Duo Gas Stat Controlling Black Fireplace

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Manufactured and assembled in the USA, this high-quality fireplace insert is one of a kind.  It not only produces heat but also adds a remarkable aesthetic to your place. The ceramic fiber logs give the flame an authentic real fire look. No external ducts or chimney is required for installation. It is thermostat regulated to adjust the heat. 

It can run on either Natural gas or liquid propane, making this unit worth the cost. Automatic shut off is enabled with the help of OD sensors. It allows you to custom build a fireplace for your home, without causing any damage to the environment.

  • Without using the blower, heat transmission is excellent.
  • It is a High-quality item.
  • The primary furnace does not work when not in use. It automatically stops by itself.
  • The remote setting is tranquil and enables the user to save their own time during heat control.
  • Setting the fireplace in the wall was challenging in a few cases.

4 – Sure Heat 24 Inch Oak Gas Vented Log System

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The visually attractive flame of this fireplace brings a very natural and three-dimensional feeling to the room. The hand-painted cement logs give it a pure rustic touch.  It is a vented natural gas log set but can be converted to a liquid propane burner.  

The ability to make it remote-controlled is a win-win for this. You can relax and enjoy the ambiance of glowing ember in the fireplace. It is undoubtedly one of the best gas fireplace inserts for the money.

  • This heating set is a value for money product
  • Easy to use
  • There is no unnecessary noise experienced by the heating place.
  • A considerable amount of heat is produced through this gas insert
  • Few customers have observed safety issues

5 – Peterson Real 18 inch Fyre Log Oak Valve Control

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The natural wood finish of this fireplace insert makes it eerily similar to a conventional furnace. It is specifically designed to protect natural resources and is perfect for indoor. Considering any heater must only heat the space, but also maintains the temperature of the room, it certainly does the job. 

There is a presence of an auto safety pilot. The function of this pilot system is to control the protection of the system. It provides heat even when it is switched off. This is again due to the presence of refractory ceramic logs.

  • Installation is super fast and easy
  • Safe installer for heat production. Your pets and kids won’t be affected at all.
  • Flexible, safe pilot button switches are present, so no leakage problem.
  • Hose and the pilot switches are not of good quality.

6 – Pleasant Hearth Gas Compact Free Vent Stove

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One of the most raved fireplaces inserts in the market is this indoor, vent-free US-made heat generator.

It is fueled by either Natural gas or Liquid Propane. Easy installation as no chimney or flue is required. The user can manually adjust the temperature with the thermostat to fit their needs. The look is clean and subtle and can go with any home décor. Its powerful radiant heat can keep you and your family warm during the bone-chilling winter season.

  • Affordable
  • High-end quality and design
  • As the metal plate is present in the system, there is heat circulation all around in the rooms.
  • Assembling the various parts of this fireplace consumes less time.
  • Placing the heater and setting it up around the wall or near the chimney, does not require much space.
  • In a few scenarios adjusting the thermostat was an issue.

7 – Duluth Forge Free Vent Dual Insert Fireplace

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The builders of this heating system have incorporated high-end technology for gas emission. Natural gas can be heated to 1355 sq feet approximately. With the help of the thermostat, users can change the heat settings. If you have a large room, you can surely opt for this brilliantly designed product. To maintain durability, exceptional ceramic fiber content has been used in it.

  • Works great in the factories
  • The beautiful and fast remote controlling method is present to control heat flow.
  • Adjusting the flame is super easy. It is a significant advantage for the small rooms of the house.
  • There is absolutely no noise while it is functioning.
  • Valve leakage is one of the disadvantages noticed in some cases.

8 – Comfort Glow Fuel Duel Stove (GAS)

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If you are looking for an attractive and more budget-friendly gas fireplace, then this dual-fueled gas stove is your best bet. This thermostat-controlled fireplace comes with a self-contained propane cylinder and can also be fueled by Natural Gas.

Easy assembly, easy set up is always an advantage. For safety, casters can be locked into place, and the OD sensors are also included. The igniter is battery operated; hence no electricity is required. The performance of this fireplace is awe-inspiring. It is undoubtedly an excellent bang for the money.

  • Heavy built of this heating system makes it worth it.
  • It is a noise-free fireplace heater
  • If the user wants to set up this product in large sitting rooms, he can use the blower along with the unit to get hot supplies in a few minutes.
  • Durability is guaranteed due to the glass door on the top of the heater.
  • While maintaining this item for years can be a probable issue.
  • Battery problem was faced in a few scenarios.

9 – ProCom Dual Ventless Gas Insert Firebox

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The heated fireplace is made up of the latest fuel patent ideas. Natural gas or propane is mainly used for combustion of 25000 BTS. An oxygen sensor is incorporated inside it for the proper supply of air required for constant heating.

There is also a smart inbuilt thermostat feature. Now by using this product, you do not have to think of switching off. This thermostat cycle can automatically work as an on and off power button to get your desired level of setting. The builders have composed it with a stylish design and a classic black color, which makes it attractive.

  • Affordable products and is a value for money.
  • Very easy to assemble and use
  • Significant build and materials used for the composition.
  • The quality of the thermostat used in the heater is brilliant.
  • It is highly suitable for large basement areas.
  • Few buyers have opined that if there were the presence of a fan, then heat circulation would have been better. However, this is not a con.

10 – Majestic Quartz Fireplace Vent Gas Series

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If you are situated on the first floor or entry-level in your apartment, then this is the aptest heating stove. The fireplace heater can convert heat energy into the room in a very less period.

For rear or top venting, there are separate parts which can be ordered by the user as per their wish. The capacity of the natural gas-induced in it has 21,000- 29000 BTS.

  • Classy and sleek design
  • Setting up the fireplace is smooth with the help of it.
  • Heat circulation is appropriate for every sized room
  • There is no noise or sound experienced by the gas heater when it’s working.
  • It is not much pocket-friendly.
  • At times durability is an issue in few cases.

What Are The Necessary Factors To Check Before Buying The Gas Fireplace?

Before investment, all the customers should follow certain vital rules and factors about the specific product.  It helps the individual to conclude his requirements.


There are many gas inserts fireplace, which is operated with woods. In such cases, the user has to spend more time and energy to refuel or alter woods. Go for gas stoves that have controllable intensity functions. For example, you can remotely monitor the heat setting of the room.

Room Placement

Try investing in the gas inserts, which can be easily placed in the rooms.  If you are planning to shift it in different rooms, then you may consider gas inserts with blower.

Content of the Insert

Before buying the fireplace gas stove, check the physical components correctly. There should be an inbuilt screen, which is usually made up of glassed door material. If you think of going for this content, then thermal resistance will be manageable. Glass doors have the advantage of not allowing warm air to pass through the doors. Instead, they can trap the cold air from outside through vents. Therefore your children or pets can also feel safe in those rooms.

Flame Size

In recent years the gas heated inserts for fireplace comes with adjustable flame size features. To meet the heating demand along with a beautiful visualization, you can monitor or regulate the size of the flames.

Vent Built

Customers can go for the heated gas inserts, which are vent free. The vented products need special attention for combustion. An individual may have to wait for more for exhaustion pipe heating if there are vents on the system. Clogging issues can also persist in those cases.

Circulation Feature

Go for larger gas stove inserts as the heat spread around the room is done unequally with such heaters. It is essential to know that heat distribution depends mainly on the size of the fireplace system that you will install.


You can easily not compromise with your budget while buying the fireplace inserts. There are different offers and discounts available online so that you can review and get the best one at a lower price.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can you locate or place the fireplace gas insert?

You can keep it inside your preferred rooms. In fact, for factory owners, a fireplace set up can be done near the chimney used for factory purposes. During winters, it can help your room and entire house warm with style. Depending on your room size, go for the gas inverters, which can save your money too before investments.

Can you save money using gas fireplace heaters?

Yes, if you are thinking of investing in a fireplace gas insert, it is a value for money product. This will help you to maintain time. Cleaning this gas stove is not much hard as you can easily eradicate ashes or add extra wood when required. Moreover, gas infused heaters are also safe for usage.

Which is better? An electric fireplace or gas heated fireplace?

Mostly buyers face this particular confusion before selecting between electric or gas-induced fireplaces. Gas heated inserts are less in weight as compared to electrical items. Again the former is safer as there is no fuel combustion through the hose. 


According to market researches, there is a variety of best gas fireplace insert available. Due to higher option availability, there are many comparisons between these products. It is always recommended to check online reviews before making any decision.