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The best indoor string lights can bring many positive things in one’s life. One of them is lifting up your mood instantly. They are cozy, festive and industrial. Further, they are whimsical too. So, how should you choose the best string light? Well, when you are choosing the best indoor string light, you need to look for the right aesthetics. They are available in many colors and types and even sizes. There are varieties of products available online. And you can choose the best one based on your personal preferences. Further, keep in mind the budget, and quality of the product.

Additionally, you need to understand the difference between outdoor and indoor lights. Do you want to use these lights outdoors?  If yes, then you need to make sure it is weatherproof and waterproof. But, if you are using it indoors then these features can be a passe. Heard of the solar-powered lights? They are amazing too but can be used outdoors only. Irrespective of the occasion, string lights very useful in all kinds of decorations. You can use them even in your office and they are easily portable.

10 Best Indoor String Lights

Strings lights are very flexible and they are comfortable to use for all kinds of parties. They are easily installable and easy to operate as well. Let us list out ten best indoor string lights 2020 available online.

1. myCozyLite LED String Light

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This is one of the premium quality Globe LED lights chains. And, they offer a plug and a timer. The length of the string is 15m long. It comes with a 30V low voltage transformer. The power is 7.2 W and this string offers a total of eight functions. It also offers memory and timer functions. There is an auto timer that offers a simple press and Goes. This strip will be running for 6 hours and the other 18 hours it goes off. Till the next time, the setup will be stored in a memory chip. This strip also comes with a female and male safe plug. Hence, it can fit any sized garlands and Christmas trees. It comes with IP44 waterproof and tiny mini LEDs. Since these lights are bright enough they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor decorations.

2. IMAGE Curtain String Lights

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These curtain string lights come with eight light modes. They are powered by a safety standard driver and eight flashing modes along with the best memory function. It will remember the previous setting before power off. Since it comes with safety voltage operate, this LED string light is more stable and it offers less heat emission. It is highly durable and eco-friendly. It demands just a 6W power rate. These curtain string lights are safe and waterproof as well. This LED light can be used both as outdoor and indoor string light.

The item is very easy to use. You can directly plugin and when not needed unplug this string light. This string light comes with US standard and the input voltage is 110V to 220V. There is a single button offered using which you can switch modes.

3. Lampat String Lights

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This string light is 25 feet long and it contains 25 clear G40 Bulbs. These strings are end to connectable and these bulbs have candelabra socket base. This string features 6″ lead with male plug, 12″. And, the space between the bulbs is 6″ tall. In addition to this, they have a female connector too. The total length is 25 Feet. Each and every strand of 25 Globe lights string comes with end-to-end connections. Hence you can attach at least three strands for covering very large areas. Even though some lights are broken after long usage, remaining bulbs will light up.

This string offers commercial Quality and great for indoor/outdoor lighting applications. These strings are perfect for decks, tents, weddings, bistro, pool umbrella, and all kinds of parties. Also, this string light offers one-year quality satisfaction and there is 100 per cent satisfaction. This is not applicable for bulbs. They are suitable for almost all occasions and applications.

4. JMEXSUSS Indoor String Light

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This indoor string light comes with eight modes of operation. There is a combination of modes like in wave, slow glow, and sequential as well. You can also see slow fade, chasing or flashing, twinkling, and steady on modes. The voltage is 30V and UL588 Approved for Safer usage. The total length of the string is 15m or 49.2ft. The lead wire length without the lights is 5m long and wire with lights is 10 m long. Thus, this string light features the highest safety and it consumes low power. It also offers features like no radiation and no heat. You can make use of this string light for all kinds of romantic decorations both indoor and outdoor. Use it for a Christmas party, night parties, and birthday parties. These strings look great in bars, restaurants, and even in the bedroom and on stage.

5. PERFECTDAY String Lights

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This string light is highly durable since it is made using high-quality material. These string lights are perfect for all occasions and you can also fix them in your bedroom. It is made of high-quality durable copper wires. These copper wire lights are highly flexible and they are weather-resistant as well. They can serve you long enough since they are reliable. These USB powered string lights are highly energy efficient. This premium quality LED light string is highly efficient and it is cost-effective. They sparkle well with their mini LED lights. Also, the string can light up even the darkest corners by creating a magical effect. Even after using for more than 14 hours, this light string will not heat up. They are long but very flexible. These strings are available in 66ft length.

6. Twinkly Smart Decorations LED String Lights

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If you are looking for elegant and warm light effects, these indoor strings lights are the right choice. You can create a custom color-changing light displays. They offer an app and through which you can control everything. There are three metallic finish color sources. These strings lights are perfect for both indoor and outdoor decorations. They are best suitable for parties and Christmas celebrations. The app available is called Twinkly app and it works both for Android and iOS. Through the app, you can create customized light displays of your choice. There is music sync offered by this string light and it is very smart. These lights are IoT ready. Group feature and the custom display is the best thing in this string light.

7. TaoTronics LED String Lights

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These dimmable LED string lights are perfect for Christmas parties. These string lights come with an updated Remote Controller. They feature short-circuiting protection. These strings also offer ten levels of brightness. So, they have adjustable flash, strobe, and smooth. Thereby, it can create vibrant, dynamic atmospheres. These strings are weatherproof. This warm whitish-yellow Mini LED strings can create a festive, joyful, and warm ambience. They can easily delight your wedding, holiday or Christmas. These strings are eco-friendly, safe and convenient as well. There is a low profile power adapter that is easily hidden along with UL certification. This string light also comes with a 5-foot adapter cord and 33 feet of lighting wire. There will be 100 individual LEDs in a string. This light is comfortable to use and is easily installable too. It can bring a perfect ambience for all your parties.

8. MOICO Globe String Lights

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These are very cozy LED globe string lights. This string features UL Listed Plugin 100 LED 43ft. The space required for the bulb is 0.59 inch and spacing between the bulbs is 3.54 inches. The string length is 33ft and the wire length is 10ft. Also, these warm white string lights are highly durable, energy-saving and environmental. There is no remote control available for this string. Thus, these are connectable end to end. Furthermore, the end of the twinkle lights is female. For larger coverage, you can connect the utmost 5 strands. There will be eight lighting modes. The modes are a combination of slow glow, sequential, slow fade, waves, steady, and twinkle. These are best suitable for bedroom, patio, wedding, party, Christmas, gazebo, deck, and so on.

9. SANJICHA String Lights Indoor/Outdoor Application

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These strings lights are bright enough and they can be used for both outdoor and indoor decorations. The strings contain upgraded bulbs and offer safe plugin. These strings are waterproof and they offer eight modes. These string lights are perfect for a Gift box and romantic decoration. These are 29V low voltage plug with UL certified. These are safer compared to those without UL approval. These string lights are widely used in party decorations, birthday decorations, and holiday decorations. These are waterproof and hence they can be used for outdoor decorations as well. They come with eight functions and offer a combination of modes. The best part is, the customer service is highly reliable. So, you may contact them any time in case of issues.

10. Monkeydg Outdoor String Light

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These string lights are 25 feet with 120 Voltage. Hence, these are end to end connectable and come with approximately 27 clear G40 incandescent bulbs by Edison. The light bulbs have a G40 candelabra socket base and they are UL listed. There is a standby fuse available for male plug and each and every plug has to hook up. Hence you can easily attach this to any nail or branch. Even if a bulb burns out, others will continue to work. These string lights are waterproof and weatherproof as well. They have commercial-strength casing and hence they can withstand wet weather and extreme temperatures. These are appropriate for outdoor /indoor light applications.

Perfect for events

They are perfect for cafe, pergola, market, garden, Christmas decoration, wedding party, and more. Initially, you need to empty the sockets before installing the bulbs. Each and every bulb should be alienated at first. Bulbs should not be too close since high wind can result in a break.

Best Indoor String Lights Buying Guide

Now that you have taken a look at the 10 best indoor string lights, It’s DECISION TIME.

So it;’s time to look at all those features and compare among themselves. There are certain parameters, which should make or break your decision. Whether you are buying the lights just for one occasion or you want to keep that prized possession of yours for a long long time, now is the time to consider them. Moreover, If you want to use them outdoors, you need to check whether they are properly equipped for that.

Here are the THINGS TO CONSIDER before you take that plunge:

How durable are indoor string lights?

Most people I know wouldn’t pick a light, that is designed to last a few days or weeks. That is why you need to check whether the lights are made to last a considerable time. Do you want to know the best place to look for that? THE REVIEW SECTION! So just scroll through the reviews, weed out the fakes and sponsored, and you get a perfect picture of what you are looking at.

How efficient are indoor string lights?

During the time of LED lighting, no one wants a light that consumes electricity by the GALLON! So check for electricity consumption and luminous efficacy (quantifies lighting efficiency) of the lights.

Are the lights too bright for eyes?

Look for the brightness in the reviews and specifications, check if the brightness suits you and then proceed. Otherwise, an already attached brightness adjuster can work just fine.

Are the lights safe for kids and pets?

Most of the indoor string lights are safe to use. Try to keep them out of reach from your kids and pets. Look for cool bulbs and just to be sure, buy UL certified lights only.

May I attach multiple string lights together?

Yes, they can be attached together, but they require proper know-how. Consider calling an electrician for that.

Do they require any maintenance?

Indoor string lights don’t require much maintenance. The string lights, which work on batteries, need to be checked periodically for exhausted batteries and replacement.

Are indoor string lights covered under warranty?

You should always check your product’s warranty before purchasing them. You should prefer string lights with a warranty to avoid any further expense from faulty lights.

Should I use smart indoor string lights with app integration or remote control device?

If you want to change the light’s settings, color or pattern without any hassle from your smartphone or any device, provided with the lights, you should definitely look for those features in what you select.

Should I buy waterproof string lights?

If the indoor string lights are for indoors only, they may not need to be waterproof. But if you want to light them outdoors occasionally, you should look for waterproof lights. It is also a good idea to buy heat resistant string lights.


As the options have been narrowed down for you, now you will get more time to focus on what is necessary. You don’t have to go through pages of indoor string lights listed in Amazon, wasting your valuable hours anymore.

Follow this guide properly and by the end of a couple of days, you will get in your hand THE BEST indoor string light available online. The indoor string lights listed here are best in their proper working segment with some very useful and reliable features, with some offering remote control as well. Our recommendations are as follows:

Lampat String Lights are the best bet for commercial use. But for occasional events, Monkeydg Outdoor String Light comes packing the punch. All the others are also good for indoor use, so choose what you need, choose right and buy before they go out of stock!