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As compared to any other materials, latex is not much long-lasting. However, when the support quality, comfort is taken into account, then latex pillows are best. Another essential thing about the latex pillows is the bouncy effect of the latex. It helps an individual to contour and aligns their body well with it. You cannot deny the softness and responsive nature of the best latex pillows too.

Given below are the top ten best latex pillows of brilliant qualities in 2020 and a buying guide to help you choose the best one from the below list.

Top 10 Best Latex Pillow Reviews   

1 – Beautyrest Standard Foam Latex Pillow

The manufacturers have well constructed this latex pillow to remove all kinds of neck or spinal pain smoothly. If you need any type of pressure on a specific neck area, then using this pillow is worth it for you. It has natural latex, which ensures the softness of the pillow quality.

Again, if you are allergic, then it is safe for you to use as this does not irritate the individual body.

This pillow comes with a cotton mesh covering which contains around 250-300 thread count. The surface of the pillow is antibacterial and protects pathogen development. It is also pure cotton built and has a bouncy structure. Therefore, this pillow will not flatten quickly.

As compared to other traditional pillows, the extended durability of this product makes it unique. So, this is suitable for every sleep type individuals effectively.

2 – Organic Textiles Natural Cover Latex Hypoallergenic Pillow

It is the highest quality of latex foam pillow that you can think of—the pure and natural 100% latex used in the build, which creates a beautiful bouncy effect. Therefore, any individual who is suffering from chronic back or neck pain should feel comfortable using this.

The content of this pillow is a hypoallergenic material, which causes no odor. The growth of bacteria is restricted naturally inside this product. Again, this foam is designed in such a way that you will get maximum comfort while sleeping no matter which type of sleeper you are. A pin core design is inbuilt in this to absorb heat and provide the cooler temperature. It is non-toxic and safe for everyone.

3 – Organic Textile Talalay 100% Organic Cover Natural Latex Pillow

If you are searching for a soft latex, then this organic latex pillow is the best choice. This pillow will give you a soothing cloud feel while sleeping. The hyperactive responsiveness of the spring quality in it is fantastic. Further, this helps in eradicating the back pain.

Another feature of this pillow is the supportive neck material inside it. The most elegant latex foam used in the content that is natural and has no chemicals. Also, a softy back support means the pillow gains the original shape when you are not using it.

There is a pin core design in the pillow to provide ample comfort, and it is allergy-free. You can also expect a chilly effect while sleeping on this pillow. The air channel flow is superb, and it absorbs the body heat/sweat gradually.

4 – Simmons BeautyRest Talalay Foam Latex Pillow

To get a cozy night sleep to bring this soft pillow today. You can enjoy sleeping in nay positions with this natural latex pillow. There is a satin cover provided by the manufacturers so that your pillow remains clean inside it. Again, it also will give your neck an extra supportive edge so that you do not end up with any pain.

Maintaining this pillow for the long run is accessible. You can wash this product in a washing machine without getting afraid of getting crunchy effects on it. There are around 200-250 cotton threads inside it that give an excess firmness and breathability. Generally, this is apt for a queen size bed where you can comfortably enjoy your sleep.

5 – MALOUF Z Latex Natural Queen Talalay High Push Pillow

Allowing your head and neck sinking to this soft pillow will give a beautiful sleep. The loft is ideal and uplifted until 5 inches. MALOUF Z is an ideal pillow for all the side sleepers who love sleeping in a thick pillow.

The product is made of 100% natural latex without any use of harsh chemicals or adhesives. If you are suffering from neck or spinal pain, then it will put correct pressures on the affected areas. Consistency of the foam built is uniform, and it does not cause any flattening.

The cover is breathable and is removable, which will help you to clean the pillows accordingly in mild detergent. The manufacturers are also providing a 5-year warranty with this soft latex pillow.

6 – Juvea Machine Washing Loft High Natural Foam Latex Pillow

Now you can bring this eco-friendly soft latex pillow and give your sleeping a new dimension. Usually, the builders use the natural botanic substances to make this organic pillow. They are incredibly responsive and provide medium support to individuals.

The Oeko Tex has certified this pillow as safe for everyone. Being hypoallergenic, this pillow prevents your skin from allergies and germs. Moreover, the air channels inside the pillow ensure to provide a consistent cooling effect during your sleep.

7 – Sleep Artisan Washable Adjusting Latex Pillow

Try this 100% cotton and customizable latex pillow today. There is a presence of a zipper with the help of it; you can adjust your pillow easily. For better sleep, the manufacturers have used natural latex. There will be no annoying movement sounds in this beautiful soft pillow during your sleep.

Again, no flattening technology makes it useful for all kinds of sleepers effectively. The builders are also providing a 30-day guarantee for customer satisfaction with an extensive 3-year warranty.

8 – SWEESLEEP Eco-friendly Zippered Cotton Talalay Cotton Latex Pillow

It is a premium quality of pillow built of pure cotton. You will get a breathable zipper along with the product for exceptional storage. The 100% natural latex used in this construction, which has a considerable bouncy effect. Therefore, the pillow gains back the shape when not in use. This natural pillow is safe for all users. It does not contain any chemicals and odor.

If you are a sensitive skin or allergic in nature, then it should be a good deal for you. The hypoallergenic feature of this pillow keeps the bacteria and dust away. It is small and compact that can fit anywhere in your bed/sofa to give you a cozy feel.

9 – Elite Rest Thin Premium Foam Cotton Natural Latex Pillows

It is good news for stomach sleepers. You can opt for this pat pillow. There is an extra 2 inches thin layer in the antibacterial latex foam that prevents the neck bending. A premium high-quality cover is also accompanied with it.

Elite Rest is an excellent choice for any type of chronic neck or spinal pain. Your body alignment can be done nicely with this pillow without discomfort. There is a presence of pin cores that helps the individual to sleep in a serene atmosphere at night without sweating. No chemicals are blended in this hypoallergenic product. Therefore, it is safe for everyone.

10 – Organic Textiles Standard High Cotton Loft Latex Pillow  

Bring home this GOL certified pillow today. The organic feel of this pillow is fantastic. It is made of eco-friendly and green products. High-quality cotton is also used in the building, which makes it very comfortable and soft. The manufacturers have built this hypoallergenic pillow with a high rate of dust-resistant quality. This is also durable and easily washable at home.

If you are a side or back sleeper, you will fall in love with this fluffy pillow. It helps you to align the body and neck correctly without causing any pain. The zipper cover is fluffy and builds an extra lining to comfort your neck. Again, another vital point to consider this product is the lifetime warranty guaranteed by the manufacturers on the zipper cover.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Latex Pillows?

The primary importance of using latex pillows over any other materials are as follows;

Neck or Spine Pain

Latex is responsive and bouncy. Hence, it helps the individual to rest their neck and body smoothly in correct alignment. Any type of spinal issue is solved easily by using latex pillows. Again, it is best as a supportive aid for your head and neck during your night’s sleep.


If any individual is suffering from skin allergies or super sensitive skin, then latex pillows are best for them. The antibacterial feature of the latex helps the body skin to be less reactive with any allergies or bacteria.

However, the manufacturers use the hypoallergenic and eco-friendly materials while making the latex pillows of all types. If you are going for the 100% natural latex, then you can expect the hypoallergenic and dust-free benefits.

Cooling Effect

In general, latex is best for absorbing the heat brilliantly. Therefore, the body heat or sweat can get absorbed nicely if you are using these pillows. Due to the presence of the open cell structure in them, the individual can expect more refreshing sleep at night. Solid latex pillows are good options for maintaining a cold temperature in your body while sleeping.


In case you are trying for Dunlop latex, and then you need to know a few things. The springy effect allows the pillow to gain the original shape again once not in use. Again, the Talalay foam will give you a nice bouncy feel.


When you are buying the latex pillow, the rubber effect might cause the bounce. However, there is no noise or sound produced when you move your head. Usually, both Dunlop and Talalay latex have less or no noise production.


The latex foam is usually made of well-built content that can sustain for long years. Therefore, it is an onetime investment. Typically these pillows last for 2-3 years as compared to standard memory foam or any other type. You can go for Dunlop latex that is more durable than the Talalay.

Few Factors To Consider Before Buying Latex Pillows

Check these following tips before you are planning to invest on the latex pillows;


Go for the fuller latex pillows that will not create any space between neck and head. Therefore, it will help the body contouring well. If you are a back sleeper, then flat pillows are better for you.


You will get various price ranges when you go for latex foam. However, if you are planning for organic latex, it will be on the higher cost range.


After unpacking the latex pillows, few users often get a strong smell. Further, this is not to worry about, as the odor does not last for a long time. If you are extra sensitive to odor, then you should go for 100 % natural latex.

You can also avoid synthetic latex as they have a distinctive smell due to the usage of mimic latex. They are not as expensive as compared to natural latex.

Care Label

Few pillows come with warning labels. For instance, they are washed in a machine or not. Kindly check such labels before buying the latex pillows. If you are allergic, then select pillow quality that can be washed with lukewarm water.

Return Policies

It is another essential factor to consider when you are thinking of buying the latex pillow. Many manufacturers provide a 30-day trial or 5-year warranty on their products. Investing in such pillows is always a brilliant idea for users. If you are not satisfied, return policies are also there.

Types Of Latex Pillows

While investing on a latex pillow, you will see there is either 100% natural or blended material. According to the quality, there are two kinds of latex pillows;

Dunlop Latex

These are the unique style of foam. Dunlop Latex is mainly formed in the year 1920. These mattresses have a much-refined texture and feel. The consistency is uniform. However, they are a bit heavy as compared to the other latex foam. This kind of foam is denser and hence softer.

Talalay Latex   

It is a soft version of latex that you can get. Durability and long-lasting quality are more of Talalay latex than any other foam-based pillow. Usually, there are no chemicals mixed with this kind of latex. The foam content is more bouncy as compared to Dunlop latex.

Again, based on the formation of latex, there are two types of pillows. They are;

Shredded Latex

They are soft and plushable in nature. You can also adjust them with your body well. The airflow is also marvelous. This is more like a traditional pillow, but you will like the softness or comfort of this product. If you want a cozy sleep, then trying this will satisfy your desire.

Solid Latex

If individuals want high responsiveness from their pillows, then it is an apt product for you. This is springy and naturally contours your whole body nicely. There is an optimal amount of airflow channels in the construction. So, this ensures better cooling features.

Suggestions For Sleepers On Latex Pillows

If you are considering buying the latex pillow for the first time, you should know the benefits for the sleepers by using this pillow and who should avoid it.

Side Sleepers can flexibly rest their spine and neck with these pillows. It gives an ample amount of cushion feel and contours the neck accurately. Shredded latex pillows are the best options for you.

Back Sleepers can get the benefit of using the latex pillow if the loft is not much high. Like the side sleepers, these individuals can also get the proper neck alignment with the pillow.

Sleepers who suffer due to sweat or heat should think of going for latex pillows. These pillows can absorb the excess heat of the body and room to provide a nice chilly feel during your sleep.

Stomach sleepers will not feel comfortable to use the latex pillows. This is mainly because of the extra firmness of the pillow quality. It often causes an extra bend in the user’s neck if you put pressure on the stomach while sleeping.


How often should I change my pillows?

According to the National sleep foundation, pillows should be changed every two years. Generally, this is because of the fact the pillows tend to absorb oil, sweat, hair, and even dead cells. Many allergies develop in the pillows over 1 – 2 years.

Are Latex Pillows safe?

Latex is popularly used for making pillows. The main reason to use the latex pillow is the durable and flexible nature of this. As there is no mixture of chemicals found in the latex pillows, therefore it is also called safe for everyone.

Is there any smell in the latex pillow?

Mainly latex pillows are organic and natural. Often milk scent is mixed with the latex. However, it is harmless and mild. You will not feel any strong smell from these pillows.


These days every user is aware of the environment and hygiene. Therefore, manufacturers are coming with the ideas of best latex pillows with various options. You can choose between blended or natural latex options depending on your choice. However, we always suggest our readers check the specifications and reviews before investing in any latex pillows.