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You’ve invited a few friends for a late afternoon barbecue. There’s plenty of space in your backyard where everything is set up, but you find it a huge hassle to carry all the supplies from the kitchen because of the typical screen door you have installed. If you want to have a hands-free experience of going through doors without actually pulling or pushing a door handle, then you may want to look at the best magnetic screen doors available.

These are exactly what the name implies: doors made from a screen-like material, with a magnetic closing/opening mechanism. What’s good about magnetic doors is that they can be used almost anywhere – the kitchen, living area, garage, barn, patio, bedroom, balcony, home office. Check out this list of numerous other advantages of using magnetic doors:

  • When used in patios or kitchens, the screen door keeps bugs and other insects out.
  • If you have pets, they can go in and out of the house and the magnetic door will automatically close behind them.
  • For homes with kids, magnetic screen doors allow them to play and get in and out of the house freely.
  • When installed in patios or outdoor kitchens, the mesh material allows you to enjoy fresh air.
  • For most brands, no installation is required for magnetic screen doors – unlike aluminum screen doors which may also be more costly to install.
  • You can easily find one that first the size of the door where you want to place the magnetic screen door.
  • They can also be used as temporary replacements for damaged doors.

In the next section, we will look at the top ten magnetic screen doors that you can buy right now – and how you can select the best one to perfectly suit your home improvement needs.

Review: Top 10 Magnetic Screen Doors

Austin & Mills AM-SD101 Standard Magnetic Entry Screen Door, Black

Material: Fiberglass 
Sizes available: Large, standard

Austin & Mills sells cabinet accessories, blackout panels, and magnetic screen doors. The AM-SD100 Magnetic Entry Screen Door comes in two sizes: large and standard so it can fit door sizes of up to 72” x 80”. What sets this apart from all the other brands is that the screen is made from fiberglass mesh, making it extremely durable. There are no complex installation instructions that you need to follow because the package comes with hook-and-loop adhesives, mounting pins, and the panels automatically open and close with the help of 26 built-in magnets.

If you live in a windy area, the screen door is weighted at the bottom so the screen door won’t be blown open easily. When buying products like this, it’s also important to look at the details of how the panels are sewn or glued together. This one from Austin & Mills is strong enough to last through thousands of days of use, especially considering the durability of the material used.

Whether you’re trying to keep bugs out or if you simply want to have a hands-free experience instead of dealing with door handles, the Austin & Mills Standard Magnetic Entry Screen Door is perfect for your family.

Allstar Innovations Magic Mesh Deluxe Black Hands-free Magnetic Screen Door

Material: Nylon, polyester, polyamide fibers 
Sizes available: 89” x 39” 

You’ve probably seen an infomercial of the Magic Mesh Hands-free Magnetic Screen Door. Their tagline is that the product lets fresh air in while keeping annoying bugs out. This is exactly how magnetic screen doors are supposed to work, but what about its material and overall durability? The mesh itself is made from a combination of three types of fibers including nylon, making it suitable for heavy-duty use. The middle seam is lined with 18 magnets which make the screen door able to close and open automatically. It’s also frameless and detachable so it can be used in another door, or stored away during off-seasons. To install, you need to align the magnets first, attach the adhesive strips, and affix the magnetic screen door to the frame – no special tools needed.

Each package includes the main mesh panel, 12 pieces of hook-and-loop strips, and 20 wood tacks. If you want to be part of the 8 million folks who already purchased the Magic Mesh Deluxe Magnetic Screen Door, go ahead and buy one for your home.

Augo Magnetic Screen Door – Self-sealing, Heavy Duty, Hands-free Mesh Partition

Material: Polyester mesh
Sizes available: 38” x 83”

The Augo Magnetic Screen Door works just like any other magnetic screen door, allowing you to keep the bugs out, let fresh breeze in, while also giving you a hand-free experience when dealing with doors. What sets this apart from similar products is that it includes handy snaps to hold the sides of the door in place, thereby clearing the doorway. This means that the magnetic opening and closing mechanism won’t be subject to overuse.

Unlike other brands where the magnetic strips are far and few in between, this one from Augo runs the entire length of the screen. The strip used to attach the door to the frame which is similar to Velcro also runs the full length of the frame. The polyester mesh is lightweight but durable and when shut, the tiny vents allow fresh air circulation. It’s also resistant from tears and can withstand a lot of impact, making it perfect for homes with kids or pets. Unless you want to permanently attach the magnetic screen to the door frame, you can easily install it using the instructions provided – no special tools needed. With all these benefits and more, there’s no reason for you not to consider buying the Augo Magnetic Screen Door.

Cyttengo Magnetic Screen Door with Super Tight Self Closing Magnetic Seal

Material: Fiberglass or polymer
Sizes available: 39” x 82”  

The first thing to do before buying magnetic screen doors is to measure, preferably twice, the size of your door frame. This way, you won’t make mistakes when buying the product. For doors with sizes up to 39” x 82”, you can purchase the Cyttengo Magnetic Screen Door. It has a super-tight self-closing magnetic seal which is attached to the mesh material.

There are two material types to choose from: polyester fiber or fiberglass. If you’ll go with cheaper brands, the screen can easily develop holes if the material is less than durable. This magnetic screen door is made from durable fiber with a high thread count. There are no special tools needed for installing the Cyttengo Magnetic Screen Door. All you have to do is peel the adhesive backing from the hook-and-loop strips. Apply to the door frame so that the screen can be secured in place. In no time at all, you can have a screen door that automatically closes and opens using the super-tight self-closing magnetic seal!

Each package comes with the magnetic screen door, premium metal thumbtacks, hook-and-loop adhesives, push pins, and four pieces of gravity sticks which are placed at the bottom sides to prevent the mesh door from being blown open during windy days. With the Cyttengo Magnetic Screen Door, you will surely get your money’s worth.

DoorEasy Magnetic Screen Door, Insect Screen Door Curtain

Material: Polyester mesh and seams cloth
Sizes available: 12 different sizes, for doors ranging from 30” x 82” to 70” x 95”

It’s quite easy to find magnetic screen doors for standard-sized frames like 30” x 82”. But what if you have a high-ceilinged house, of if you want to use it for the outdoors, a barn, or a garage with extra-wide doors? Thankfully, you can buy something like the DoorEasy Magnetic Screen Door.  It has heavy-duty magnets, the seal is made from hook-and-loops sewn from top to bottom, and the material is a combination of polyester mesh and seams cloth.

To give you an idea about the range of door sizes that the DoorEasy Magnetic Screen Door, here’s a list:

  • 30” x 82”
  • 30” x 95”
  • 34” x 79”
  • 34” x 82”
  • 34” x 95”
  • 37” x 82”
  • 46” x 79”
  • 46” x 95”
  • 58” x 79”
  • 62” x 79”
  • 70” x 95”

When installing the magnetic screen door, remember that there has to be a one-inch overlap around the door opening so that the Velcro can be attached. Check on the package instructions to learn more about the proper installation, although no special tools are needed. Construction-wise, the seams are well-sewn and the Velcro loop strips are also sewn and not glued for better durability. The package comes with the mesh curtain, installation instructions, thumb nails, and a roll of hook strip. If you have a larger-than-standard door frame, the DoorEasy Magnetic Screen Door is perfect for you.

Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

Material: Mesh
Sizes available: 38” x 82”  

Among the many brands of magnetic screen doors in the market is this one from Flux Phenom. Called a reinforced magnetic screen door, it fits frames of up to 38” x 82”. When you open the product package, an assembly kit is included. There are no special tools needed but it’s recommended that you read the assembly instructions. There are black metal thumbtacks, a weather-resistant hook-and-loop backing, and the magnetic screen door itself.

The product works in such a way that the middle seam of the mesh netting is lined with powerful magnet squares and strips – 26 pieces all in all. These magnets allow for the automatic closing and opening of the screen doors. Another great feature of the Flux Phenom magnetic screen door is that it is frameless, retractable, and detachable. If you don’t want it anymore or if you need to remove it for the winter season, you can easily do so without too much hassle. With its automatic opening and closing mechanism, the Flux Phenom magnetic screen door helps keep the bugs out while letting the fresh breeze in. It’s perfect if you love to entertain guests or simply spend time with your family outdoors.

Homitt Magnetic Screen Door with Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain

Material: Fiberglass or polyester
Sizes available: 39” x 83”  

Homitt is a brand that specializes in outdoor products, and their magnetic screen door with heavy mesh curtain is no exception. You can take your pick from two types of mesh material: polyester or fiberglass. Here are the sizes available for different frame measurements:

  • 37” x 82”
  • 34” x 82”
  • 37” x 82”
  • 72” x 80”
  • 36” x 96”
  • 108” x 83”

The package includes the screen mesh, eight pieces or four pairs of gravity sticks, a top reinforcement line design, extra push pins, and 2 hook fasteners. The gravity sticks are placed at the bottom of the mesh curtains to serve as weight, so that when it is windy outside, the door will not be blown open. Whether you end up buying the polyester or fiberglass version of the magnetic screen door, you can rest assured that it is suitable for heavy-duty use. The material of the screen is durable, resistant to chemical corrosion, has a good shape, and the level of light transmittance is good.

To ensure that the door does not get easily uninstalled, the Homitt magnetic screen door comes with a full-frame hook-and-loop. There are 26 magnets lining the partition of the door so that it can automatically close and open, and there’s a reinforcement line on top for extra durability. True enough, the Homitt Magnetic Screen Door with Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain is one of the best brands out there because of the type of material used and the way that the product was built with close attention to detail.

iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door, Full Frame Seal

Material: Mesh 
Sizes available: 34” x 82”

One of the biggest problems that buyers encounter when purchasing cheap magnetic screen doors is the flimsiness of the material. They might be able to easily install it but over time, the poor construction will make the mesh door curtain deteriorate. This is something that you won’t have to deal with when buying something like the iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door with Full Frame Seal. The screen material is made from heavy mesh so it’s easy for you to keep those pesky insects out.

The middle seam of the magnetic screen door is lined with 26 powerful magnets. These are constructed with reinforced edges, so there is no change of the magnets falling off or breaking. This means that there is a more secure seal. It also has a hook-and-loop seal for more durability – even if the wind outside is strong, there is no chance of the door being easily blown open. Perfect for patios, backyards, garages, barns, or as a replacement for doors in any part of the house, the iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door is one of the best of its kind in the market today.

Magzo Magnetic Screen Door Reinforced Fiberglass Mesh Curtain Entry Door

Material: Fiberglass 
Sizes available: 10 different sizes, for doors ranging from 32” x 96” to 38” x 99”

If you’re looking for a fiberglass screen mesh, you should definitely consider the Magzo Magnetic Screen Door Reinforced Fiberglass Mesh Curtain Entry Door. First, let’s take a look at the sizes available:

  • 32” x 96”
  • 34” x 82”
  • 36” x 78”
  • 36” x 80”
  • 36” x 82”
  • 36” x 84”
  • 36” x 96”
  • 36” x 98”
  • 38” x 82”
  • 38” x 99”

Before buying the product, make sure to carefully measure the door without including the door frame part. The package comes with an installation manual and the good thing is that you don’t need any special tools – it’s considered as a stick-and-go installation. One of the many things that makes the Magzo magnetic screen door stand out among the others it that it has a windproof sticker hasp design. This prevents the screen door from being blown open by heavy gusts of the wind, especially if you choose to install it outdoors.

For the material used, fiberglass is better than mesh or other fibrous materials because it has better durability. It also holds the shape of the door better, it can handle high temperatures, it is fireproof and resistant to corrosion. Whether you need a door to simply keep the bugs out or if you need a temporary or even permanent replacement for a damaged door in any part of your house, the Magzo Magnetic Screen Door is a great option. 

Mkicesky Hands-free Magnetic Screen Door for Sliding French Doors

Material: Fiberglass 
Sizes available: 3 different sizes, for doors ranging from 36” x 83” to 72” x 80”

Lastly, there’s the Mkicesky Hands-Free Magnetic Screen Door for Sliding French Doors. There are three doors sizes available:

  • 36” x 83”
  • 60” x 80”
  • 72” x 80”

Five variants of the magnetic screen door are available: ones with fiberglass mesh and enhanced magnets; while one variant has enhanced magnets with EVA (Ethylene-vinyl Acetate) insulation. Aside from the durable fiberglass material, the middle seam of the door is lined with magnetic strips and squares to automatically open and close the door. Instead of just being glued on, these are sewn in to make sure that they won’t fall off.

To install the magnetic screen door, no special tools are necessary. It can also be easily transferred or removed anytime. The material is high-density, making it perfect for homes with kids or pets. If you’re looking for a cost-effective door solution that will let fresh air in while keeping the bugs out, the Mkicesky Hands-Free Magnetic Screen Door for Sliding French Doors and other types of doors is perfect for you.

Other Things to Remember When Buying Magnetic Screen Doors

When deciding which magnetic screen door to buy, here are some other things that you need to remember:

  • How much does it cost?

If you want to get your money’s worth, you might have to spend a few dollars more than the cheaper ones – but you still need to make sure that the extra investment is well worth it. In the end, it’s better to spend a bit more on a product that lasts for thousands of uses – than something cheap but will only last you for a few weeks or months.

  • What material is the screen made of?

To keep the bugs out while letting fresh air in, the mesh is the most common material used for magnetic screen doors. There are regular fiber mesh types and the fiberglass option. The latter may be a bit pricier, but it is more durable.

  • How reliable is the opening/closing mechanism?

For this, you need to look at the way that the magnets are built into the screen door. Are they glued in or sewn? How many magnets are there? If the entire length of the mesh curtain is lined with magnets which are sewn, all the better.

You should also consider the ease by which you can install the magnetic screen door. Most brands can be installed with no special tools required. Check on the contents of the package – the more accessories are included, the better. There should also be a user’s guide on how the screen door should be installed, as well as a sizing guide. Before making a purchase, carefully measure the door with and without the frame. Choose one that fits based on the sizing and installation instructions. By keeping these things in mind, you can buy the best magnetic screen door in the market that will give you your money’s worthwhile also allowing you to enjoy a hands-free door opening and closing experience.