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There are varieties of best microfiber sheets are available online. Since these sheets offer the highest quality and comfort, they have become very popular in the market. Compared to other types of sheets like cotton sheets, microfiber sheets are lightweight. These sheets are less prone to wrinkles. More than that, they are softer to touch. The best part is, microfiber sheets are available in the best price range. But there are many things to understand before buying any microfiber sheet.

Best microfiber sheets on amazon

Before deciding on any microfiber sheet, you need to list out your specific needs. The most important thing is the size of the mattress. Along with that, you need to consider its height as well. Apart from that, you may also expect deep pockets. After all these, you can check on the set of pillowcases available and of course quality and color of the mattress. It is better to go for the microfiber sheets with extra pillowcases.

10 best microfiber sheets for the year 2020

Here is a list of best microfiber sheets 2020 on amazon.

1 – Mellanni Bed Sheet Set – Brushed Microfiber

With this microfiber sheet, you can sleep better at night and wake up with high energy in the morning. This sheet set is most comfortable and silky soft. To begin with, this set is one of the best and luxurious sheets you can find online. You can use it in your guest room, living room, or vacation home. This is a queen size luxury microfiber bed sheet set.

Package contains 1 flat sheet 102″x90″, 1 fitted sheet 80″x60″, 2 pillowcases 20″x30″. This is a deep pocket fitted microfiber sheet and it offers elastic strap all around. This brushed microfiber sheet set can fit mattresses up to 16″. Maintenance of this sheet set is easy since it is wrinkle, shrink, stain, and fade resistant. You can clean this sheet using machine wash and it dries quickly on tumble dry. Compared to the other cotton sheets, this Mellanni microfiber sheet is durable.  Usually, this sheet is made using high-quality microfiber and you have several color choices. This sheet set has a lifetime manufacture guarantee.

2 – Bare Home Microfiber Queen Sheet Set

This is a 4 Piece Queen Sheet Set. It includes, 1 Queen Fitted Sheet -60″ x 80″ x 15″ pocket, 1 Queen Flat Sheet -90″ x 102″, and 2 Standard Pillowcases -20″ x 30″. This is a completely elasticized and expertly tailored sheet. Also, it comes with highly durable elastic and elastic is present all around the bed. This sheet can fit a mattress of 6″-15″ deep. This sheet is made of premium ultra-soft brushed microfiber fabric. This is a perfect combination of softness and durability. It also features superior breathability.

Hypoallergenic and double-brushed microfiber yarns of this sheet provide resistance from allergens and dust mites. This sheet is the right choice for those prone to asthma and allergy. This sheet is wrinkle-resistant and maintenance is easy since it is machine washable. It dries quickly with tumble dry low. The sheet is superior soft since it is made of Egyptian cotton.

3 – AmazonBasics Lightweight Easy Care Microfiber Sheet Set

If you are in search of 100% polyester easy-care microfiber sheets, then this is the right choice. This sheet set is imported and offers the highest comfort. This is a queen sheet set and includes one 90 x 102-inch flat sheet, one 60 x 80 x 14 inch fitted sheet, and two 20 x 30-inch pillowcases. This microfiber sheet set comes with all-around elastic on 14″ fitted sheet. This allows for a snug and secure fit and it fits most mattress sizes up to a 16″ mattress depth.

In brief, this sheet set is made of polyester microfiber material. It offers strength and the highest durability along with exceptional softness. This sheet set is easy to maintain you can machine wash with warm water and there is no need to use bleach. You can use tumble dry low for drying. There is no need to worry about the quality of this sheet set since it is certified.

4 – Utopia Bedding Fitted Microfiber Sheets

This fitted microfiber sheet set is twin-sized. The package includes a 6-piece fitted sheet set. Each sheet in the package measures 39 by 75 inches and they come with a 15 inches deep pocket. This sheet set has all-around elastic and you can pull in the borders to make it easily stretch. You can easily fit the base of the mattress since it is stretchable. This sheet is made of brushed microfiber fabric is soft and breathable as well.

This microfiber material is fade and shrinks resistant. These features add to the longevity of this microfiber set by keeping it in great condition. This Utopia sheet can be cleaned just with a machine wash. You can keep the temperature up to 40 degrees. You can dry it with tumble dry or you can also iron on normal temperature.

5 – Feather & Stitch 500 Thread Count microfiber sheet set

This is a 500 thread count sheets. It is made using fine yarns and long-staple cotton fibre. It is one of the gorgeous sateen weaved sheets. With each wash, the softness increases and softness remain for a lifetime. The cotton yarns even ensure the utmost comfort and come with detailed hem styling. It features durable elastic all around and hence offers a snug, secure fit.

It is a fully elasticized fitted sheet and provides 18-inch-deep pockets. The pillowcases also feature a side-envelope closure but it is hidden. Each King set includes, one Flat Sheet 108″”x102″”, one Elasticized Fitted Sheet 76″”x80″” with deep pockets to fit 18” mattresses, and two King Pillowcases 20″”x 40″. This sheet is made using high-quality dye materials. It is fade-resistant and recommended for a normal wash. You can use short dry cycles for maintaining superior softness. To summarize, these sheets come with incredible customer service.

6 – 1500 Supreme Collection Microfiber King Sheets Set

This is a 4 piece sheet set with luxury quality. Wherefore, it comes with deep pocket fit sheets and pillowcases that are beautifully embroidered. The bedsheet is double brushed 100% with a quality that defines heirloom-style and premium comfort. However, irrespective of the occasion this sheet set is a great choice for a gift. Queen sheet holds two typical Pillowcases (20″ x 30″) and one fitted (60″ x 80″) and one flat measuring to 92″ x 102″ flat. The king sheet set includes two King Pillowcases (20″x40″), one Fitted (78″x80″), and one Flat (102″x105″)

Cal King sheet has a Fitted (72″x84″) and a Flat (108″x102″) and also comprises of 2 King size Pillowcases (20″x40″). The full set includes one Flat (81″x96″), one Fitted (54″x75″), and two Standard Pillowcases (20″x30″). If you choose twin set, then one Flat (66″ x 96″), one Fitted (39″ x 75″), one Standard Pillowcase (20″ x 30″). The fit measure is up to 16″ deep and it has elastic all around the fitted sheet. This sheet set is manufactured using the highest quality brushed microfiber. You have offered the largest selection of rich vibrant colors.

7 – SONORO KATE Bed Sheet Set Super Soft Microfiber

This is a luxury microfiber sheet set and it is silky, soft, and comfortable. This sheet set is ideal for all rooms and it is strain and hypoallergenic resistant. This set is wrinkle and fade resistant as well. Finally, you says goodbye to ironing and wrinkles by choosing these soft, cosy, and comfortable sheet set.

The queen size four-piece bed sheet set comes with one flat sheet 90″x102″ and one fitted sheet 60″x80″x16″, and 2 pillowcases 20″x30″. You can expect deep pockets and it fits mattresses up to 16″ deep. This sheet is designed with elastic around the fitted sheet. These soft microfiber sheets offer grip and fit better compared to many other sheet sets. This bed sheet set is made to fit all mattresses where the depth does not exceed 16″. It features added stretch and highly durable elastic. They have used double Brushed microfiber fabric and they have wavered with the finest craftsmanship. Accordingly, you are offered a fabulous selection of colors and this sheet set can bring the best appearance to your bedroom. Cleaning of these microfiber sheets can be done using machine wash.

8 – HOMEIDEAS brushed microfiber Bed Sheets Set

This sheet is made using original Water Brushed technology and it makes 1800 Bedding sheet super soft and comfortable. It comes with fine Workmanship and Smooth feeling and you can wake up full of energy in the morning. These microfiber sheets can stay fresh, cool, and breathable even during hot nights. You can easily enhance the quality of your sleep using these sheets.

This sheet comes in top quality construction and premium fabric. Hence these sheets are softer and more breathable than other Egyptian cotton sheets which are more expensive. These 100% microfiber fabric sheets are weaned tightly hence they provide extra strength and durability. The fabric of this Home ideas sheet has properties like stain and wrinkle resistance and it is breathable. Its deep pockets perfectly fir all kinds of beds. The queen-sized sheet set comes with four Piece Bed Sheets Set and one Flat sheet (90″x102″) including one Fitted sheet (60″x80″*15″) and Two Pillowcases (20.5″x31″). Likewise, these are deep pocket fitted sheets that come with elastic all around to ensure sheets stay on bed tightly.

9 – 6 Piece Queen Microfiber Sheets Bed Sheets

These Queen Sheets are crafted from 100% fine brushed microfiber polyester. They are of top quality and wrinkle and fade resistant. For instance, the queen sheet set has a fitted sheet and one flat sheet, and it has 4 pillowcases. Furthermore, this fitted bed sheet comes with a deep pocket and is fully elasticized at the bottom. You can expect a smooth fit corner strap for ensuring a snug fit and no slips. This can fit on mattresses of thickness up to 15” thick. This sheet set is easy to clean since it is machine washable.

10 – Shilucheng King Size 6-Piece Microfiber Bed Sheets Set with 1800 Thread

The king-size set includes one flat sheet 105″x102″, one fitted sheet 78″x80″x16″, and four pillowcases 20″x40″. This super soft and high-quality microfiber sheet set is available for the best price. This set is made of pure 100% Microfiber fabric and Shilucheng Microfiber. Subsequently, this is specially crafted for the highest level of comfort. There are seven color options and colors range from neutral to bold. This can be a great gift idea for men and women.

Buyer’s Guide

There are many things to consider when you are buying a microfiber sheet set for your bed. The most important things are size, fitness, elastic borders, quality, and color. Apart from this, you can also check on the weaving and whether it is brushed microfiber or other.

What are these microfiber bed sheets?

The microfiber bed sheets are made using super thin fibres. In manufacturing these sheets the thin fibres are woven together for creating comfortable and lightweight sheets. Also, these sheets can be prepared from wood pulp, polyesters, and nylon polymers.

Are these microfiber sheets expensive than cotton?

There is no rule that microfiber sheets should be expensive. The cost always depends on the quality of the material.

Are these sheets lighter than cotton?

Yes, since these sheets are made using fine quality fibres, they are lighter when compared to cotton.

Which sheet is more durable-cotton or microfiber?

When you pick the right quality material, both these sheets can be highly durable.

Why should I pick microfiber sheets with elastic straps?

It is very important to look for elastic straps present all around the microfiber sheets. Without this, it is difficult to fit them on your bed.

Why should pick the set with extra pillow covers?

It is difficult to change the sheets more often. But, experts recommend changing the pillowcases often. Hence if you have extra pillowcases it becomes easy to change the cases whenever needed.


The best microfiber sheets on amazon are highly comfortable, soft and silky sheets. They can make your feet cool in summer and cosy in winter. Also, there are varieties of microfiber bed sheet sets available on Amazon and you can pick them based on your needs and preferences. To summarize, the above list contains some of the high quality and top brand sheets from best sellers.