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The best outdoor misting fan will not allow heat to ruin your plans in anything you do. There are a variety of best and preferred misting fans available in the current market. The fans ensure that you remain fresh even when the temperature is scorching. The oscillating operation ensures you stay cool. 

The superior performance of these fans will ensure they meet all your needs with ease. Also, you will identify different models of misting fans. Moreover, you will understand the specifications and what the fans offer.

Furthermore, you get a warranty for the fans hence no need to worry since there is the protection of your product. Below is a list of top-rated, the best outdoor misting fans 2020 in the market.

1. Misting Direct location outdoor fan

One of the best and most preferred misting fans in the market is the Direct Location fan. The fan has a long-lasting, corrosion-resistant and balanced blades made of aluminum. The edges are very light, thus circulating at a breakneck speed.

The fan is also water-resistant. It has a layer of oil that ensures that the fan is safe. This best outdoor misting fan comes with a thermally guarded automated motor. 

Moreover, the fan has three adjustable settings for controlling its speed. A pull of chain controls the speed of the fans.

The fun operates on very high speed for about four to five hours with a single battery of 18 volts. Thus, it is a perfect choice of misting fan for you.

Also, you get a one-year warranty when you buy a Direct location misting fan. Therefore, no need to worry as you buy this product.

2. Ryobi P3320 misting fan

These are durable battery-powered batteries, which I’ll recommend you to buy. The fans are among the best outdoor misting blowers.

They are lightweight plastic fans, which are sturdy and robust. Since they are light in weight, you can easily carry the fans from one place to the other with ease. The fans are not too big. Therefore, you can store or place them anywhere.

They use durable batteries with 18 volts and 4 AH power. The cells of this fan can last for about 7 hours. The fan is mighty when it blows air and mist. You can feel the stiff breeze several feet away. Thus, they are fantastic, given that they are only a foot tall.

Furthermore, you have an option of using AC or DC; thus, you can plug the fan using the extension cord. You can practice a rechargeable battery as well.

3. WIND-CHESER Outdoor misting fan

Another top-rated and best outdoor misting fan is WINDCHASER. The oscillating fan has a diameter of 16 inches with mist. The fan also has a high-velocity shower proof. Thus, it can blow cold air and mist to a long diameter.

They use durable batteries with 18 volts and 4 AH power. When the battery has a full charge, it can last for about seven hours.

 Also, the fan uses a double cell, but it also has smaller cells making it last for long with power.

The fan is mighty when it blows air and mist. You can feel the stiff breeze several feet away.

The fan does not make much sound. Thus, minimal disturbance when using the fan.

Moreover, the fan is resistant to UV and water. Therefore, the fan is practical for outdoor purposes.

4.SPT SF-241WM misting fan

Another best outdoor misting fan is SPT handheld misting fan. The fan is very portable; thus, you can carry it anywhere you want. The fan is fit for outdoor purposes.

SPT misting fan is among the most stalwart fans in the market. The mighty misting fan can blow the cold air and mist for a long distance. Since the fan is powerful, it can cool areas with 31 degrees and 85% humid.

You can adjust the fan to any angle using the adjustable handle clip. Thus, making the fan efficient. The fan has a rechargeable 3.7 volts battery, which is removable. Therefore, you can use the fan for a long time before recharging the battery.

Furthermore, the fan has two LED lights. When the LED flashes red, it shows it is charging and green to show the battery is full.

5. DHD multifunction misting fan

DHD misting fan is a powerful solar-powered misting fan in the market. The fan has solar energy powered batteries.

The fan is small in size, but have energizing devices and lightning features in it. You can supply power to your cell phones and other digital devices as well. Therefore, it is efficient for outdoor activities.

The fan isn’t noisy so, you can use it for soundless and relaxed performance. Therefore, when you use it, the only thing you hear is the air flowing and not the motor. You can use it for 26 LED lightning desks, as it can provide illumination for about 9 hours.

The product is durable and reliable. Also, you get a one-year warranty when you buy this product. Another unique thing is, it runs even when charging. Hence, you will enjoy the cooling anytime you want. It can perform for a continuous 7 hours.

6. Hand-fan handheld misting fan

One of the best and most preferred misting fans in the market is a hand fan handheld misting fan. You can freely use the fan for outdoor activities, thus making it amazing.

The misting water of this fan does not come out when using it. Thus, the fan mist does not wet the clothes or make the surrounding humid.

The speed of the fan is mighty. Therefore, you will be impressed by the mist and cold air as it blows towards you. Additionally, the fog is a real mist that evaporates very fast.

The fan is quiet and well balanced. Thus, the fan does not disturb you with noise while using it.

The fan has 18 volts battery, which is very strong. Therefore, the power of the battery can run the fan for a long time. The best of all its reasonable price, you can buy it comfortably. 

7. Lasko 7050 misting fan

Another most preferred and the best outdoor misting fan in the market is Lasko 7050. The fan is mighty in that it can be able to lower the temperature by about 25 degrees.

The fan puts out about three times the regular airflow of the fan twice its size with its three refreshing speeds. Also, the length of its cord is 72 inches. 

The fan is small enough to be carried around. It has the weather and UV resistant feature as well that is making it fit for outdoor purposes.

The fan has a handheld handle, which is small in size. You can use the handle to carry the fan from one place to another.

The fan is easy to use since you only adjust the on and off buttons. Also, you can adjust the fan to any angle with ease.

8. NewAir Oscillatory pedestal fan

One of the best outdoor misting fan 2020 is the NewAir Oscillatory fan. NewAir can cover about 500 sq. ft while providing you the fresh air and settings. 

The angular shape of the fan makes it stable. Thus, it will not topple when knocked down. It comes with the versatile freshening and cooling settings so you can choose the most suitable among the three. 

The fan has a carry handle and is not much expensive. Therefore, you can carry it from one place to the other with ease. You can adjust its height and temperature easily. The air frequency it provides is 60 Hertz. 

Furthermore, it is easy to put it together. You don’t need instructions to assemble the pieces. Therefore, the fan is simple and effective for outdoor activities. The product is durable and reliable. Also, you get a one-year warranty when you buy this product.

9.Hurricane pro series Oscillating fan

Hurricane Supreme misting fan is another best outdoor fan 2020 in the market. The fan has a grill and a three-speed control system. Also, it comes in the best quality and can last for long. 

This fan has made of high-velocity metal, and its blades have made of aluminum. The fan metal stand has an adjustable 39-54 height. The sturdy stand of the fan enables you to control the speed of the fan. The remote can also control the oscillation of the fan.

You can quickly assemble the pieces of the fan. The design of the fan is easy to assemble and use. The fan has a remote control, which makes it easy to control it.

The battery requires triple-A batteries. The batteries provide power for the fan. Furthermore, you get one-year warranty when you buy the fan.

10.An O-polar Handheld misting fan

The blower is cordless and portable. Also, the fan is affordable, for it does what it claims very well.

The fan has multiple speed controls. The misting fan is unique since it has 3- speed control. Therefore, the fan provides a cooling effect, which is similar to that of an air conditioner.

An O-polar misting fan is useful for outdoor purposes since it is not heavy. You can carry the fan from one place to the other with ease because of its lightweight.

The fan also comes with rechargeable 2500AH batteries. With a low power setting, the fan can run for long hours.

The fan blows out a nice amount of heat, thus very useful in cooling your body.

An Opolar fan has LED lights to provide light. The LEDs are cute, which is an extra option for the fan if you are in the dark.

Buying guide for best outdoor misting fan

With the increase in temperature, a mare fan can’t do enough. It can only move hot air towards someone. But if you can add a mist with the flow of air, you have an instant cooling effect. The mind and body want something more to cool itself. Have you ever experienced wonderful spray from misting fans in high-end property, restaurants, or even parks? Misting fans reduce the temperature and make the environment more comfortable for you, your family even the pets. The following write up will give a guideline to the potential buyer for the best outdoor misting fan.

What is a Misting Fan?  

A misting fan is as good as a normal fan, but it attaches one sort of mechanism through which it produces tiny droplets of water. This outdoor misting fan has used to reduce the temperature. The misting fan has one reservoir fitted with it. Depending on the capacity of the reservoir, it is sometimes fitted with the hose, or it needs a hand refill. 

In the case of low-pressure misting fan, it does not require any pump. A water pressure with 30 psi can do. But in case of medium pressure misting fan, it requires a pump with 150 psi-300 psi. For high pressure misting fans, the pump pressure may go to 4000psi. 

The important thing when the pump pushes the water with very high pressure the water comes out with thousands of microscopic water droplets. More the pressure of the pump finest mist produces. This will make the air cool and enjoyable.

Size of the Cooling Area.  

Before buying the best outdoor misting, fan consider the size of the fan. Moreover, the size of the fan depends on the area you need to cool. If you fail to identify your required cooling area, your mist airflow will be either more or less. If you purchase a fan in which mist airflow is not powerful, you will not get the desired cooling effect. If the mist airflow is too powerful you just had it. There are two things to select. These are:

  • The airflow of the fan.
  • The pressure level of the water, being pushed through the fan.

Selection of Correct Material. 

People are having an idea that misting fans is more appropriate for outside usage rather indoor usage. Mist can be a problem indoor. Nowadays in the market, two types of outdoor misting fans are available e.g. Plastic made and Metal Made. Both are having their services and limitations.

Plastic Made Fan 

  • Plastic made Misting Fans are very light and very easy to handle.
  • Plastic Misting Fan is affordable and very economical. 

Metal Made Fan

  • The outdoor Misting Fan is more subjected to wind, sun, rain, and dust. So, it is more reasonable to make metal.
  • Metal made fans are more durable.

Selection of Water Storage      

To select the water storage is a challenge. Mainly, it depends on usage. The fixed in water storage needs the regular filling of the water. But this is very manageable to use. You can use it anywhere and everywhere you want in your backyard. You can easily change the location. If the owner needs a high capacity of water and for a longer duration of use, then it is wise to have a connection directly with your tap using a hosepipe. 

Fan Height and Speed. 

Before buying the best outdoor misting fan 2020, check if it has an option to select/adjust the height of the fan and the speed. The fan must be cover with a safety net. 

Which one is the Best Outdoor Misting Fan?            

There are different types of outdoor misting fans available in the market. Please consider the following aspects so that the hard-earned money you are expending is justified:

  • Quick and easy to assemble.
  • Cool a larger area.
  • Quiet when in operation.
  • Justify your need and price you are expending.
  • Must consider the safety issue. The leakage in water storage must have a detection system.


No more worry about high temperatures. The above most preferred and best fans will cool down the surrounding, thus making you feel more comfortable. You will be able to adjust the mist level in these fans, ensuring convenience. The cooling mist of these fans evaporates very fast, thus taking heat with them. Therefore, a cooling effect is left to the surrounding.

Furthermore, experts test the fans. Thus, ensuring the fans are not only efficient but safe for use. Depending on the size or model you want, the above list is among the best outdoor misting fan you should consider.