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Prevent your family members and yourself from the agonizing experience of touching the hot stove with empty hands with the best pot holder.

Irrespective of how careful you are in the kitchen while dealing with hot utensils, the risk of getting burned by hot holders always persists. You must have experienced this at some point in your life. Above all, the burns on your hands can be seriously painful.

Well, you are never too late to buy a potholder. The potholders are built using materials that are resistant to heat. However, the problem from the past persists- to choose amongst the various types, shapes, colors, and styles of the potholders. Along with the safety feature offered by the potholders, they can also be used as a personal statement or décor in your kitchen.

An overview of the best pot holders 2020 has been given below. Let us dig in the reviews to choose the best.

Fred BEAR hands oven mitts

Who says that mitts always have to be boring and dull? the manufacturers of Fred Bear hand oven mitts think differently.

The Fred BEAR hands oven mitts feature the shape of bear paws with fake claws. They can cheer up the user anytime. Also, they possess ample padding and are very practical in their use. The oven mitts can bear a temperature of 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, the pads on the center and fingertips guarantee a good grip on the oven tray or pot. The pads are made using silicone and are pliable. The mitt is padded on the inside with cotton. The Fred BEAR hands oven mitts are one of the best silicone potholders.

Furthermore, they are not flammable.  Not only the design of the product is cool, but also its efficienc2y and its warmth will make you like the product.

HOMWE extra-long professional silicone oven mitts

Get extra protection with the HOMWE extra-long professional silicone oven mitts that are fifteen inches long. The extra-long length of the unit makes sure that even your forearms and wrists are protected along with your hands. They are made using flexible silicone so that the users get a good grip on even heavy utensils or pots. Moreover, it possesses silicone pads that are textured to render anti-slip property. The internal layer of the HOMWE Extra-long silicone oven mitts is made using cotton to make the product extra-comfortable, along with extra-long. The users get the option to choose from 14.7 inches long to 13.7 inches long- as per their perfect fit.

Furthermore, the pair of oven mitts are available in a cool range of colors. If they get any kind of food spills such as sauce, the pair can be washed or rinsed very easily.

HOMWE silicone oven mitts and potholders

Some of the pots possess very small handle. This makes it difficult to get the desired grip. However, pots and trays with large handles ask for larger pot holders.

Therefore, you need to set and match.

The HOMWE silicone potholders and oven mitts are a great solution for all kinds of home cooking. The set possesses a pair of potholders and a pair of oven mitts that are large enough to cover wrists. Both pairs are made using tough silicone in a similar style to give an appealing effect. The silicone surfaces of the pair of oven mitts and pot holders are textured with anti-slip grips. This aids the users to get a firm grip on heavy and hot trays and pots. The versatile potholder can also be used to open jars and protect the counter of the kitchen from hot trays.

DII cotton terry potholders

If you wish for a potholder with a simple and traditional look, then the DII cotton terry potholder is the one for you. the DII cotton terry pot holders possess a set of three matching units. DII pot holder has been created in a multitude of colors so that everyone gets to select their favorite one. Each pot holder possesses a terry cloth material with a soft texture on one side and the other side is lined with Silverstone. The Silverstone linings ensure that the product is not only resistant to heat, but also durable. The quilts not only enhance the durability of the unit but also give it a traditional look. The product can be used for protecting the counters of the kitchen from hot trays or pots. Furthermore, the potholder comes with tabs so that they can be hanged easily.

HOMWE silicone oven mitts with quilted cotton lining

If your pans and pots are heavy, it will be difficult for you to get a firm grip. And if the pot slips causing the boiling water or oil to spill, it can be very dangerous and can lead to burns and scalding.

However, the HOMWE potholder is a perfect option for home baking and outdoor grilling. They possess a quilted cotton lining on its inside and are created to be very soft and cushioning. The product measures 13.7 inches long and will protect your forearms and wrists from the hot pan or trays.  

Moreover, the gloves possess silicone pads that are BPA-free and are approved by the FDA. the durable silicone pads are textured to enable the users to get a firm grip. This helps in getting an anti-slip grip so that you can handle even heavy pots and pans.

Ritz Royale collection 100 percent cotton terry cloth pocket mini set

The Ritz traditional terry cloth potholders are a great option for lifting heavy and heavy pans and pots. The terry cloth offers resistivity to heat along with being soft, durable and comfortable. The Ritz Royale collection possesses a pair of matching potholders that are available in 9 different solid colors. The potholders appear standard at the first look and possess special pockets. This enables the users to insert their hands into the pockets if they want so to get an enhanced grip on the handles. Also, there will be no fear of the pot handles slipping out of your hands as the hands are inside the holder. The product can serve as a heating pad also. Moreover, the Ritz Royale cotton terry cloth pot holder can be washed in the machine easily.

Love this kitchen premium silicone trivet and potholders

Looking for a versatile pair of potholders? Then the Love this kitchen premium silicone trivet potholders is the one for you. the Love these silicone pot holders are made using tough silicone. Also, they can be used to serve a variety of kitchen tasks. One of the major perks of the potholders is their unique anti-slip surface. The continuous lines of raised dots help the users to obtain a firm grip on the pans and pots. Moreover, their surface is non-stick.

Even if the edge of the pan or the handle of the pot is very hot, the holders will not bind themselves to the surface. They are resistant to heat and can bear temperatures up to 442 degrees Fahrenheit. Adding to their usefulness, they can be washed in a dishwasher and it is very easy to clean them.

Bekith silicone pot holder

It’s high time to add colors to your kitchen. The Bekith silicone pot holders come in a set of four durable and strong silicone potholders. Each of the units is textured with anti-slip surfaces that allow the users to get a firm grip on pans and pots. Each potholder in the Bekith potholder set possesses different colors- green, red, orange and blue. The Bekith silicone potholders not only appear impressive but can also be used for performing different tasks. Each pot holder can bear a temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a great option for handling the trays right out of the oven. They can even be used for opening jars and can be placed on the counters of the kitchen to prevent scorching. Along with being durable, silicone potholders are flexible and soft.

CAMPANELLI cooking buddy professional-grade all-in-one pot holder

People who need to prepare complicated and large meals for their family needs to get the CAMPANELLI cooking buddy professional-grade potholder. The potholder is a versatile option and offers optimum convenience to the user. You can sling the unique potholder over your shoulder and use it like a dishtowel.

Moreover, the CAMPANELLI cooking buddy versatile potholder comes in a variety of colors and styles. There are even special and unique versions for Mother’s Day, harvest and Christmas. This makes it the perfect present for those who like to engulfing themselves with the kitchen activities.

Each of the ends of the potholder possesses large pouches where the user can insert his hands. The external surface of the pouches features small silicone nubs to impart them anti-slip property. The unit can be washed in a machine with the utmost ease.

Honla 4-piece oval pot holder with pockets

The Honla 4-piece oval potholder is made using a combination of silicone and terry cloth to render ultimate versatility to the user. The combination imparts excellent heat-resistance due to silicone and utmost comfort because of the terrycloth. The classic oval potholders are round in shape to offer additional comfort. The product possesses large pockets so that the user can slide his hands into it for an improved grip. The potholders possess a durable silicone surface. They feature a series of dotted nubs that are created to render anti-slip property and an easy grip. The silicone offers resistance to heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, as an additional bonus, the set consists of two pairs. This implies that when one pair is being washed and dried, the user can still use the second pair.

Lifaith 100 percent cotton kitchen everyday basic terry potholder

If you wish for a potholder with a non-mitt style, then you must look for the set of 5 potholders by Lifaith. The Lifaith potholders are made using comfortable terry cotton cloth. The potholders feature a Silverstone lining on one side of it that imparts an anti-slip grip to the potholder. Moreover, the manufacturers have quilted the cloth to make the potholder more flexible and durable. The potholder features a loop at one of its corners so that it can be hung easily at the reach of your hands. One of the best things about this set is that it gives you’re the freedom to choose amongst your favoritecolors from the wide range of color options available. You can select the color that goes with the interior of your kitchen. The simple and efficient design offers the utmost flexibility.

Casabella silicone pot holder trivet

The Casabella silicone potholder trivet is guaranteed to look the same even after years of continuous use. The durability and longevity of the potholders are quite impressive. Also, the effectiveness of the potholder against heat does not shrink with time. You are going to fall in love with the heat resistance property of the potholders. Also, the potholder posses honeycomb texture to impart an enhanced grip. Also, the unfloppy and flexible construction of the potholder will leave you amazed. Moreover, potholders can be cleaned very easily. You can just keep them in a small tub of hot water and then simply rinse the potholder under running water. Also, you can wash it in a dishwasher or a washing machine. They are also helpful in opening jars that are lidded tightly.

All-Clad textiles deluxe potholder

The ALL-clad potholders feature innovative design, ease of use and comfort to the user along with offering heat protection. The sleek body is shaped to fit the hands of the users well without popping into sauces or bakes or flopping out of the hands while in use. The potholder features a properly proportioned loop handle for hanging.  The smart peanut shape of the ALL-clad potholder is made to smartly mimic the natural curves of your hands. Both the sides of the potholder is made using heavy cotton and is lined with silicone strips. This imparts flexibility to the potholders along with protection and a firm grip. As both sides of the potholder possess silicone strips, it can be used in both hands. It offers heat resistance up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The stain-resistant fabric guaranteed that no stains are left after the potholder is machine washed.

OXO good grip silicone pot holder

The OXO good grip silicone potholder is a two-in-one mitt that not only performs the job of a standard oven mitt but also offers a safe surface area to lay your pot down. The silicone holder offers protection against a temperature of 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The potholder is resistant to flame and stain. It possesses an inner layer of thermal cotton for additional comfort that is resistant to sweat. Also, the product offers a built-in hook and a magnet to facilitate easy storage. The 10 inches of safety and rib design offers a firm grip even on the slippery surfaces.

Grilling and cooking gloves by Kitchen Perfection

The most versatile potholders can be sometimes too heavy to be used for grilling. However, the grilling and cooking gloves by kitchen perfection offer you the liberty to move along with safeguarding your skin. The potholders measure 11 inches and safeguard your hands against high temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The inner layer of the potholder is made using thick cotton and possesses two layers of silicone with a series of dots that increase the firmness of the grip.

Buying guide

There are numerous things that you need to consider before going for the best pot holder. The useful kitchen accessory comes in a variety of styles, shapes, colors, and materials. Here are some of the features that one must consider while selecting the potholder.

Is the potholder capable of preventing you from getting burned?

This is the most necessary task that the potholder needs to carry out. Yet, not all the contenders can carry out the task effectively. The degree of heat resistivity must be your major concern while purchasing a potholder. The potholders should be able to bear high temperatures without warping or melting.

Is it easy to maneuver?

An ideal pot holder must not feel like a bulky or heavy mitten over your hand that makes it difficult to grip a handle utensil. Instead, it must feel similar to your hand’s natural extension. The potholder must fit over your hand well and must possess a good grip.

Can it wash well with ease?

The holders often encounter splattering oil and spitting sauces. The units must be able to shed stains easily. Also, you should be able to wash them in a washing machine and dryer. If you can toss the holder in the dishwasher, there could be nothing better than this.

How well can it be stored?

The potholder can be stored in a drawer. However, it would be convenient if you can hang the holder on a hook.

What other tasks can the holder serve?

Nowadays, people are more prone to going for a kitchen item that can serve a multitude of tasks. This is the reason why several modifications, have been made in potholders by different manufacturers. The potholders can serve several functions other than protecting your hands from hot objects. The potholders can be used as spoon rests, jar openers, coasters, trivets, and garlic peeler.

What should be the material of the potholder?

The potholders are generals made using silicone or terrycloth. Terrycloth is a kind of cotton that is thick, soft and durable. Nonetheless, it is not waterproof or offers much resistance to heat.

Silicone is a better choice for the material for potholders. They possess special anti-slip surfaces that offer a good grip on heavy pans and pots. While you go for silicone pot holders, make sure that it is FDA approved and BPA-free. Fortunately, in the current time, you do not need to choose between silicone and terry cloth. The leading pot holders are incorporating both the materials, silicone, and terrycloth into the design. It not only offers superior heat resistance of silicone but also offers the comfort of cotton.

Is the effectiveness of the model decreased while chasing for a stylish option?

There are numerous sets on the list in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors. If you are shopping for a household kitchen item, you would want it to match the interior of your kitchen. Nonetheless, the hustle on Instagram and Facebook is going real nowadays! They can’t be ignored. If you are a food blogger of keeps on posting random pics of what you are cooking today, a stylish option will just help you in the hustle.

Potholders or mitts- what must I prefer?

Some of the potholders feature pockets in the shape of mitts. This helps you to wear the potholders on your hands. On the other hand, some of the traditional designs are in the form of square shapes. If you use the oven more often and wish for a holder that covers your entire hand, then it is advisable to go for a mitt-styled pot holder. The benefit of using square-shaped pot holders that possess no pockets is that they can be grabbed quickly and also, you can use it while cooking in a haste- you do not encounter the hassle of wearing them and taking them off.


An ideal pot holder must be able to get a firm grip on pot handles, over trays and lids. They should also protect the hands while delivering heat resistance. Moreover, the demand of the cooks is a versatile and soft product. Potholders are an easy and convenient option when you carry out most of your cooking on the stove.

Based on the major factors we have discussed; you can choose the pot holders as per your needs. Based on your study, you can select the one that you wish to keep in your kitchen and use regularly to protect your hands while you prep and serve your favorite dishes.