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The availability of the best spice jars in your kitchen is a crucial thing. It is necessary to have all the spices on hand in your kitchen so that you can easily use them. However, storage issues can come up when storing these spices. For you to have no storing problem, it is crucial to have a good set of spice jars.

In consideration of available space in the kitchen, it is essential to buy the best spice jar set that would comfortably fit the open space. There are the best spice jars for drawers in the market. With different models, brands, sizes, and shapes, you should be careful when buying these spice jars.

In this post, you will be able to know the best and most preferred spice jars. You will be able to identify different specifications of the spice jars.

1. Certified 20 spice jars

These spice jars are excellent. The labels of the pots look nice. They are also clear and easy to read, making the jars efficient and effective.

There is a label for the front of the jar and another one for the top of the spice jar, thus giving easy and clear labeling. One set of these spices jars holds the 20 jars, and each weighs 40oz. 

There are loads of pre-printed spice names. Everything is included for labeling, for example, a pen, spice funnel, and other types of shaker tops. The spice jars are squire in shape; thus, don’t fall easily.

This spice jar is very stylish, and the stickers stay stuck even if you move them to another place. Thus, looking beautiful and gorgeous. The spice jar gives you blank labels and a paint pen to make your own, thus making your drawer usable.

2. Ultimate hostess spice jars

The sets are not only reasonable; therefore, they are affordable. They also have cheap painted plastic to look like its metal, while others have tiny shaker heads.

The jars had made of stainless-steel lids. Therefore, there are minimal chances of rusting. The funnel of the jars fits perfectly around the inside lip of the pots, thus doesn’t wobble easily. 

The chalk pen that you use for labeling works better; thus, you can label the jars with ease. 

Stickers adhere very nicely, thus arranging the jars look more attractive. 

The jars are adorable and look much cuter when you organize the spice jars alphabetically. Packaging of the jars is excellent; thus, no breakage of glass jars. The pots have high quality, and the funnel is the best for filling the jars.

3. Aozite 36 Pcs glass spice jars

These best spice jars have high quality, thus very durable. On top of this, the labels of the pots are of excellent quality as well.

The top of the spice jars has both shaker and pour options, which other types of spice jars don’t have. Thus, making Aozite spice jars unique and preferred by many people.

The jars are of the right size and hold a significant amount of spices. Thus, looking so lovely when holding the pots. There are lots of options for stickers. Therefore, you have a wide range of choices to pick. 

Furthermore, Aozite spice jars are of the usual size, durable and made of glass—the jars come with different labels, transparent ones, and black ones. 

The list of spices on the pre-printed labels is extensive, and there are extra blank ones as well.

4. Talented kitchen 14 glass spice jars

The Jars are stable and robust while still crystal clear. Also, the translucent spice labels are of high quality, easy to apply, and the perfect size for the jars.

The jars looked class and balanced; thus, don’t wobble easily.

Refilling the spice jars with the funnel is straightforward. Thus, you don’t need to strain in refilling them.

They are easy to use, easy to customize, and a great space-saving solution. The spice jars have two styles of labels so you can choose what you want on top and side. The jars are squire in shape, thus don’t rattle easily. Also, the pots have two kinds of shakers.

You will love the chalkboard stickers. You can easily adjust the labels, and they still stuck well to the bottle. The product is of high quality and perfect for the kitchen.

5. Lynk Professional spice jar

Units of Lynk professional spice jars seem real, sturdy, and glide smoothly; thus, you will be able to use the jars for an extended period. This large jar tray can help you to organize your spices. 

These are the best spice jars for drawers. It is easy to install all the units in one narrow upper drawer. The screwdrivers which are double-sided hold the screw where your hands don’t get to until you can get a screw.

The plastic tops allow you to sprinkle the spices with ease, thus making your work easy.

The spice jars are a perfect fit for the cabinet, and this makes getting spices much easier to understand. The rack jars are very sturdy and high, thus lasting for long. This tray has made of heavy and worthwhile steel that can be used on kitchen countertops or in drawers. 

6. Swommoly 25 Glass spice jars

Swommoly 25 glass spice jars are a great little spice jar with a vast assortment of labels and a funnel. Thus, the spice-jar has a nice touch and looks gorgeous. It comes with 396 spice labels as well.

These best spice jars fit together so nicely, thus creating a lot more space in your drawer. This set of spice jars come with a label for every spice you can think of, and they are super cute.

The lids of Swommoly spice jars stay tight, and the shaker tops stay on well. Thus, little chances of the spice in it falling over.

The labels are easy to position and adjust. The labels stick with ease.

Each spice jar has a plastic shaker, foam wafer inside the for a good seal, metal caps, and lots of labels. Thus, looking gorgeous.

7. Cook N 8-piece windowed spice jar

With these spice jars, you will like the metal finish. These best spice jars 2020 looks elegant and beautiful. This jar set comes with eight jars, with the 5 oz space in every jar for spices.

The holes of the jars range from small, medium, and large depending on the kind of spice you want to put in the bottles. Also, it will keep your spices fresh and will not let them disseminate.

They are made of shiny metal finish, thus looking elegant and beautiful. The jars protect your spices from light; therefore, no harm to the spices.

The jars are of the right size and hold a significant amount of spices. Thus, looking so lovely when holding the bottles.

You will love the chalkboard stickers. You can easily adjust the decals, and they still stuck well to the bottle.

8. Adjustable 12 set glass spice jars

Another best and most preferred spice jars for drawers is Adjustable 12 set glass spice jars. These best spice jars for drawers fit together so nicely, thus creating a lot more space in your drawer. These transparent jars can help you to choose your spices effortlessly without any labels. 

This set of spice jars come with a label for every spice you can think of, and they are super cute. You can choose the pour size according to the need of your spices. One jar holds up to 180ml spice in it, which is more than average.

Adjustable spice bottles have a set of twelve spice jars. These jars are great and hold more than the average space jar. They are stylish, and the application of labels is easy. Thus, making the jars look gorgeous and attractive.

9. Stonekae 25 pcs Spice jar

The bottles have thoughtfully packed to prevent breakage. Also, the bottles are firm and secure, thus, low chances of damage. One set of these best spice jars 2020 comes with 25 glass jars.

These jars are durable. They are large enough yet slim that they hang in a place where you wouldn’t think you would hang everything. With this high quality and worth spice retaining jars, you can keep your drawer organized and make availability of spices easy.

They are cute and reliable, thus looking attractive and durable. Packaging of the jars is excellent, therefore no breakage of glass jars.

Plastic shaker caps have tightly put before applying the lid to each jar.

Furthermore, Stomekae spice jars have a label maker that provides better visibility. Finally, the bottles are square, and thus, low chances of falling if knocked.

10. Premium spice jar set

These spice jars are beautiful and heavy with thick glass. The tops snap on smoothly, and the lids are dent free and screw gently. Thus, easy to open and close the spice jars.

The spice jar looks awesome. This spice jar is great looking decently sized, thus looking elegant and gorgeous. The plastic shaker lids and screw on caps fit perfectly. Thus, allowing easy opening and closing of the covers.

Furthermore, the labels of Premium spice jar adhere well. The spice jars are great space savers and work well horizontally or vertically.

The spice jars also have a variety of quality airtight lids. Moreover, they come in a variety of colors. Thus, you have a wide range of colors to choose from. You will be able to pick a color that matches your drawer.

Buying Guide for Best Spice Jars

Spices are a very important thing you need to use to increase the deliciousness of food. Foods without spices are not tasty at all. You need to buy spice jars as well for storing spices. If you want to keep your kitchen organized, it is necessary to have a good set of spice jars that you can use to store your spices easily. There exist different brands and types of spice jar in the market, fortunately. It also makes this task easier to keep spices neat and fresh. Spice jars have primarily made of plastic or glass; you can buy any one of them that serves your purpose.

Before buying any product, a person should consider that why should he buy it. How would the product help him? Will it fit in his budget? All these questions arise in a buyer’s mind while buying a product. The same applies in case of buying spice jars. For that, a buying guide has required. You need to consider the following things before buying spice jars so that you can buy the best spice jars 2020.


The durability of spice jars is a factor you need to consider before buying it. If the spice jar is not durable, you won’t be able to use it properly. For long term usage, you should buy those spice jars which are long-lasting.


Spice jars have made of glass or plastic primarily. You can buy any of them. Glass or plastic spice jars can serve your purpose.

Easy to use:

It is better to purchase products which are easy to use. In the case of buying spice jars, you may consider its easy opening, airtightness, and lightweight. So that you can keep the spices in it with their fresh quality and taste. 

Easy to clean:

There are different types and brands found in the market for spice jars. It has recommended buying those spice jars that are easy to clean. Some of the spice jars are dishwasher safe, so it is better to buy those. You need not waste much time cleaning it one by one. 


Price is a factor you need to consider while buying any product. The price varies depending on its size, type, and quality. The minimum price for a spice jar (the 5.5 Oz clear PET spice bottle) is $0.30 for 1-349 quantity. 


Choose those spice jars with which you can store not only spices but also dried spices, herbs, and powders. Thus, you can use it for other purposes as well.


Different sizes of spice jars have found in the market. You can buy any of them that you find easy to use, but you should keep in mind that you are buying the perfect size. If you buy those which are too big or too small, it won’t be convenient to use for you. Your kitchen cabinet either will not allow them to fit either looks well. So, buy the best spice jars for drawers as well.


It is nice to keep your spices neat and fresh for a long time. It is also crucial to keep your heaps of spice always available when you want to create a delicious meal. Furthermore, the shiny metal finish and a variety of colors of spice jars fit your kitchen. Therefore, your drawer looks attractive and beautiful. Buy a spice jar with the best specifications and the one which meets your wants. I hope that this article will help you buy the best spice jar.