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Want to spruce up the appearance of the wall, or wish to perform all your chores at the strike of the clock, the best wall clock will always be useful. Wall clocks are necessary accessories to your living place and also help in adding a personal vibe to your place. You can select from the wide variety of wall clock styles as per your taste.

However, the vivid variety of clocks makes the decision-making part difficult. Wall clocks can be either digital or analog and are available in different designs. Additionally, some make ticking noises whereas, others do not. Nevertheless, all are available at a different price range.

Here’s the help. A list of best wall clocks 2020 has been compiled below to ease your decision-making part.

1.Bernard Products silent non-ticking wall clock

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Keep a track of your time with the authentic touch of the black round wall clock by Bernard Products. The wall clocks are a great option for your kitchen, bedroom, living room, meeting room, family room, dining room, or classroom. The clock measures 10 inches long and possesses large and bold numbers in black against a white background that provides an easy view, even from a distance. Moreover, the accurate quartz movement promises precise time. 

The silent non-ticking mechanism of the unit with sweeping movement helps you to enjoy a silent environment. The glass lens and sturdy plastic frame make it convenient and easy to clean the unit while keeping the dust away from the dial. The wall clock is easy to hand and is powered by an ‘AA’ battery. The high-quality product comes with a full 12 months protection.

2. LOHAS home vintage wooden round silent wall clock

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Accent your walls with the vintage look of the wooden silent wall clock by LOHAS. The vintage fall look and colors of the wooden clock look mesmerizingly beautiful. Also, the shades of red, brown, yellow, blue and green can go by any wall color or décor. The unit measures 11.81 inches and is lightweight and easy to hand. 

The numbers on the clock are large enough to be seen from a faraway distance without any difficulty. This also aids the children to learn time. The premium-grade quartz movement provides accurate time without making any ticking sound- making it suitable to be used in offices, living rooms, computer rooms, offices, conference rooms, bedrooms, and coffee shops. Moreover, the unit is energy-efficient as it is powered by a single AA battery. 

3. Fox top silent non-ticking wall clock

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Looking for a classic and modern wall clock? The silent non-ticking wall clock by Fox top is what you need. You can use this wall clock to dress up the décor of any of your rooms and get ready to get the attention of your guests. 

The Fox top wall clock promises accurate time in a silent environment- all thanks to the sweeping movement of the hands. Also, the large numbers in black are against a white background that enables easy-viewing and the clear glass front cover protects the dial from the dust. The simple and sleek design is a great option for your office, classroom, bathroom, bedroom, office or any room in your house. The unit is easy to use and comes with a hook, a wide slot at the back for easy hanging. The wall clock runs on a single AA carbon battery. 

4. Hippih non-ticking silent quartz wall clock

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Get the assured quality of the product with Hippih non-ticking silent quartz wall clock. The Hippih wall clock consists of a simple design with clear and large numbers in bold on a white background to make them easily visible even from a distance. The clock measures 10 inches x 1.5 inches and weighs about 3 lbs. The silent high-grade non-ticking movement mechanism guarantees the precision of time while the quiet sweep second-hand offers a silent work environment and a good sleep. The unit is operated using an AA battery (carbon-zinc battery). 

The unit is easy to hand and comes with a simple mounting kit that promises that the wall clock is hung securely on the wall in a breeze without any heck. 

5. La Crosse Technology WT-8002U digital wall clock

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Get a stylish and versatile digital clock that can serve a variety of functionalities with the La Crosse WT-8002U digital wall clock. The clock can be adjusted as per the military 24-hour system or as per the standard 12-hour system. Also, the temperature readings can be done either in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The unit also displays the current date and the day of the week. The table can serve the function of a wall clock, as well as a table clock- hang it with its keyhole bracket and you get a wall clock or make it stand on its kick-out leg to convert it into a table clock. The unit is operated using an AA battery (alkaline). IT can also calibrate and show the temperature of the room. 

6. Hito modern silent wall clock non-ticking

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The Hito modern silent wall clock makes use of superior sweeping movement to ensure true silence of the second hand. The wall clock guarantees accurate time and stable performance along with longevity. The Hito clocks feature large white hands and numbers against a black background or black hands and numbers against a white background for enhanced clarity of the view. It also possesses a glass front cover to prevent the dial from dust and dirt. All these features make the Hito wall clock stylish, beautiful and easy to read. 

The Hito modern silent wall clocks can be used in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, office, bedroom wall décor. The contemporary and classic look makes it a piece of art on the wall it is placed. Whereas, the whisper-quiet environment brings tranquillity, colors, and smiles to your life and room. 

7. La Crosse Technology WT-3143A-INT atomic wall clock

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La Crosse Technology is a functional piece that measures 14 inches. The wall clock is numbered and features numerals in Arabic in a black and bold finish that imparts enhanced visibility. The dial possesses an aged off-white texture that provides it a classic look. The clock features a simple tapered-style second’s, minute and hour hand in black. Adding to the simple looks are the advanced features that makes the piece incredibly fascinating. The radio-controlled control gives accurate timing. The clock is atomic that sets the time automatically. The clock features four-time zone settings and can automatically update for the daylight settings while saving time with them on and off option. The wall clock powered by two AA alkaline batteries also features a manual reset button. 

8. Echo wall clock Disney mickey mouse edition

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The Echo Wall clock with the Disney mickey mouse edition assists you in staying organized and on time in a fun manner with none other than, Mickey mouse, every child’s favorite. The digital 60 LED display showcases multiple or one-timer set via a paired Echo device. The time can be synced according to the compatible echo device and includes automatic adjustments for daylight saving time. Moreover, the device runs on 4 AA batteries. The clock measures 10 inches in diameter and has a metallic finish and a finished cover to protect the unit from dust. 

9. Plummet large wall clock non-ticking silent quartz decorative clocks

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Bring home Plummet’s large wall clock to give a sense of modernity to the interiors. The clock possesses large numbers carved out on the black dial that makes it easy to read the time. The analog unit is made using plastic and glass. The clock has a round frame and measures 13 inches in diameter. The super quiet and non-ticking unit promises a silent work and sleeping environment. The unit is energy-efficient and is powered using an AA battery. The clock comes with hooks and a wide slot for hanging. 

10. Jomparis Rustic country Tuscan style wooden wall clock silent and non-ticking

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The small wooden clock adds an aesthetic look to the room and acts as a nice decoration to space. The wooden material adds a touch of artistry to the room. The super-quality quartz sweep movement ensures accurate time in a silent environment so that the ticking sound does not annoy you when you are running out of the deadline. The unit is powered by an AA battery that lasts for more than a year. The metal hands are white and help you to see the numbers even from a distance. A retro-styled wooden clock is a great option for office and home decoration.

Buying guide (FAQs)

Why do you need a wall clock?

A wall clock can be hung in any room where you need to accent your room while looking at the time. The kind of wall clock depends on the room it is being placed. A regular clock would be suitable if you just want to know the time. On the other hand, if you wish to use a wall clock as a piece of decoration for the toom, then there are ample artistic designs you can choose from.

What should be the preferred height for hanging the clocks in homes?

The wall clocks can be hung at a height of 57 to 60 inches from the ground. This height is advisable for homes who possess a medium height ceiling. On the other hand, if all the members of your house are well-heightened, the clock must be hung at a distance of 60 inches from the ground. You might need a higher inch if the ceiling measures more than 8 feet.

Do all clocks come with a warranty?

Yes! Most of the wall clocks from well-known brands feature a reasonable warranty that allows replacement of the body of the clock in case of any external damage. The battery life also comes with a warranty.

How can you hang an oversized clock?

Wall clocks with big dials can be seen easily from any part of the wall. Thus, it is advisable to place them at a good distance from the ground. This helps the clock to look smaller without making it look odd.

Digital VS analog- which must I prefer?

The foremost consideration is that you must decide whether you wish to buy an analog clock or a digital one. The digital clocks are unconventional means of knowing the time with a more accurate display of time on the LED/LCD. They also possess all divisions of time such as seconds, minute and hours.

On the other hand, the analog clocks are regular ones with seconds, a minute or hour hand. They are available in different colors, designs, and styles. Their variety of shape and size are not restricted.

Ticking or silent- which ones are advisable?

Digital clocks do not make any ticking sound. Whereas, some analog clocks do. If you are looking for an analog clock for a conference room, bedroom or offices, then a silent clock would be advisable. The regular analog clocks make sound with every change of position of the second’s hand.

Some silent clocks come with an additional feature such as rotating duck or swan or a swinging pendulum. These additional features make some sound after every hour.

What should be the battery life of the wall clock?

A good wall clock features a reasonable battery life. The count of batteries relies on the features of the clock. The feature of battery life is similar for both analogs as well as digital clocks. None of us will like buying a clock that needs frequent battery replacements.

What is the outer material of the body of the clock?

Wall clocks are available in wood, brass, fiber, high-quality plastic material, and many more. Many more come in shining materials or metals too. The designer wall clocks are made using hardened plastic


Owing a wall clock does not fulfill the purpose of a device that tells time. Instead, it is a substantial element of every home or office décor. An individual needs to select the right one to pursue an accurate schedule.