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If you are willing to wake up each morning free from neck pain, then swap out your regular pillow for one that offers the right level of support. Studies have shown people who get proper sleep tend to report lower stress levels and improved quality of life. Water Pillows are known for being long-lasting while providing a better sleep solution to the buyer.

Using water pillows have a different feel and purpose. It can be challenging to make the transition to a new neck pillow despite it being good quality.  The right pillow will depend on your personal preference and doctor recommendations. A lot of water pillows in the market are branded as orthopedic, but there’s no recorded definition of what that means. But we are here to lead you to the best water pillow meant for you.

You can now wake up feeling rejuvenated, energetic, and ready for the day with the help of this comprehensive guide, where we would be debating the factors to be considered before purchasing a water pillow.

Top Ten Water Pillow You Can Purchase In 2020

According to the experts and physicians, the water-based pillows should have the correct quantity of water level for better sleep. Here, we have listed the top ten water pillow in 2020 with specifications and functions. This can help you to form a clear idea about this product before investing.

1 – MediFlow Neck Pain Reduce Fiber Water Pillow

On the top of the list is the first and original, clinically approved water pillow, which provides outstanding comfort and support for the head & neck. If you are looking for a water pillow that is ideal for all positions, this one is highly recommended. It is made of two layers- a super soft top layer, and the bottom layer is filled with water.

The filler of the plump layer can be of your preference (memory foam, down the foam, or fiber), and you can even adjust the firmness of the pillow for your comfort by adding or reducing the water. This water pillow will give you a peaceful, undisturbed sleep that you can ever imagine.

  • One of the best pillows for chronic neck pain
  • It is light in weight and produces a comfortable sleep
  • Leakage and molding issues were noticed in a few cases.

2 – Chiroflow Water Pillow Base

This luxuriously plump water pillow is one of the best water pillows in 2020. The easy to fill water base provides full support all night long along with rejuvenating skin. It is clinically proven that it reverses the adverse effects of fatigue. Thermal insulators installed around the water layer regulate the temperature of the pillow.

The removable lap cushion comes with a soft hypoallergenic filling for quality sleep and neck support. You can easily adjust the softness of the pillow by the amount of water you put in. This makes it a solid choice for anyone looking for pain relief or someone who wakes up often due to disturbed sleep.

  • A great pillow which can help you during traveling
  • Beautiful and soothing design
  • No neck pain results
  • Few users have faced issues of unnecessary drying up of the water base.

3 – Blissbury Polyester Adjustable Ultra Pillow

Specially designed for pregnant women and side sleepers, this innovative product is one of a kind. The pillow continuously responds to changes in sleeping position and adjusts to fit your shape. The bamboo made pillow covers made them incredibly soft and provided maximum comfort.

The pillow is to be filled to accommodate the different types of pain one might be experiencing. The best part about the pillow is that it can be drained and washed to avoid allergies. To alleviate neck and back pain, this water pillow can be a viable option for you.

  • The softer quality which serves the best sleep for you
  • Great value for money product
  • When water is added, it looks lumpy, and consumers often faced sleep problems in some cases.

4 – Medi-Flow Re-invented Foam Clinically Proven Memory Water Pillow

With the latest design of air cooling pockets, the builders have composed this premium pillows. Clinically it has been proven as safe. Any kind of body or spinal pain can be eliminated smoothly.

Now you can change your sleeping positions according to your desire and get a good sleep. The water pouch has memory foam covering, which can act as a support for your neck.

  • The significant adjusting base of the water pillow allows the user to get a comfortable sleep.
  • It is suitable for neck pain and migraine problem elimination.
  • The chemical smell coming out of the foam from the water pillow is one of the disadvantages.

5 – Modern Joe’s Adjustable Queen Water Pillow

This great value queen-sized water pillow is customizable for every user. It has a 100% cotton exterior and is filled with polyester fiber. The water base can be controlled to adjust the firmness of the pillow.

The contoured design of the pillow helps to keep the head in an appropriate position as you sleep. It also comes with an extra rubber seal for the valve in case the first one gets misplaced. The funnel tool is also included to secure the valve from water leaks. As claimed, it will deliver maximum comfort and optimal support as per its user’s needs.

  • Any migraine patient can go for this pillow. The firmness is brilliantly adjustable.
  • Coolness and moisture balance is correctly incorporated.
  • Support quality was not as impressive as portrayed in some scenarios.

6 – FOMI Adjustable Supportive Water Pillows

Never compromise on your sleep again with this highly innovative sleep pillow made exclusively for uninterrupted, deep sleep. The water-based and the fillers can be tweaked around to relieve neck pain and discomfort. Its specially designed Water Technology helps in reducing neck/cervical pain, headaches, neck strain, herniated disc, etc.

These neck support pillows are washable and are perfect for those who suffer from broken sleep. The inner layer is made of soft, fluffy fiber, which allows the maximum level of comfort. The size of the pillow gives it an edge over other pillows as it accommodates all types of sleepers, including pregnant women. Make sure to use the provided funnel to tighten the valve.

  • Maintaining the pillow for a longer run is easy
  • Superior quality layers are used in the built for a good sleep
  • It is a bit expensive as compared to similar products

7 – Pine Tales Soft Design No water Premium Pillow

This premium quality water pillow is undoubtedly going to woo you with its features. First and foremost, the cushion is equipped with pillow cover, fillings, water bags, and insulation. The thickness and firmness are adjusted by adding or removing filters to achieve the perfect height.

You can choose or customize from an array of options depending on the pillow size, fabric type, and fillers. Only sift, and the manufacturers use natural fabrics for advanced moisture control. Buckwheat and millet hulls are also included as a filler type and are heat-treated to provide safety and uncompromising support and pressure.

  • Wonderful quality
  • Affordable price
  • It can help you to eliminate body and chronic spinal pain
  • Few customers have opined if more filler had included in the pillow, it would have been better.

8 – MediFlow Fiberfill Twin Pack Water Pillow

If you are searching for firm support for your head, then go for it. This water-based pillow is clinical, proven, and safe. There is elite premium fiberfill foam induced in this for correct neck and spinal alignment. Polyester fiber is also incorporated in the built. The water can be filled according to the firmness level user desires.

  • Best water pillow for money
  • For spine issues, this pillow can be beneficial.
  • Leakage problem was experienced in some cases

9 – Modern Joe’s Extra Supportive Queen Sized Water Pillow

The manufacturers have designed this pillow with premium quality of foam. This can help you to eliminate any kind of neck or chronic pain on your body. The adjustable support system of this pillow allows you to align your head correctly with your neck and shoulders.

You can even add water to increase the firmness of this water-based pillowcase. The inbuilt 100% cotton fiber has been inserted in the pillow for a superior sleep at night.

  • Better and comfortable sleep is guaranteed
  • It is a travel-friendly product
  • Few users have not liked the plastic base on the pillow.

10 – Chiroflow Travel Mediflow Water Pillow

If you want a travel size pillow, this water pillow is perfect for your trips. It promises cervical, back support, and improves any pain condition at the same time. The pillow also provides sculptured support around the shape of the head. It’s easy to fill and drain, and the firmness can also be adjusted. 

The compactness of the pillow enables its user to pack easy so that you can enjoy your therapeutic sleep even on vacations. Clinically shown, this pillow has been tested to improve the quality of sleep while reducing back pain, which makes it incredible and super convenient. Past buyers have highly raved about this product as it stabilizes the sleep slow in a consistent way.

  • It is a perfect pillow for neck pain
  • Affordable product
  • Few customers have faced a crunchy feel of the water pillow, which has resulted in an uncomfortable sleep.

What Are The Key Factors Before Purchasing A Water Pillow?

Health care experts always recommend a considerable amount of sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Sufficient sleep can help your body and mind to stay calm. However, sleeping in the correct posture is necessary. Individuals should invest in proper mattresses and pillows for their sleeping routine. We are presenting a few tips and points which you may consider before purchasing the best water pillow for your sleeping regime.

Natural causes

The primary factor is to select the material of the protective cover for the pillow. It is seen many times; people invest in fancy pillow covers more instead of checking the inner content or fabric. Go for natural foam or material which has durable fiber. Artificial fiber, on the other hand, generates fumes that are unhealthy for you and your babies. When you go for water-based pillowcases, try investing in natural water content products instead of artificial.

Soft Covers

When an individual sleeps on the pillow, they tend to twirl and twist their heads. It again requires an intense amount of protection for your head and neck area. Always go for softer pillowcases or covers that can soothe your neck and controls body alignment. If anyone has neck pain or body pain, then these more delicate materials can also benefit. If you choose plastic based covers, it may result in unnecessary scratches on your body. Water pillows that are made of soft plush or cotton are always favorable.


There are mainly three types of fillers found in the water pillows. Polyester, Memory foam and down filling are the primary content used in the cushions. According to the need of support, you can choose the fillers for the water pillows. For example, if you want to align neck for chronic pain, then go for softer fillers that contain memory foam.Water level Adjustment

Always go for the pillows where the water level can be balanced well. Often there are issues of moisture at the water base. To avoid such problems, go for pillows where the level adjustment of the water can be made as per your need.


Do not rush while buying the water pillows. Indulge in a considerable amount of research work online. There are many specifications in different water-based pillows. Choose the cushions according to your needs and proper functionality. Go for the water pillows which have the label clinically proven. This feature is essential for your health.

Return Policy

Before purchasing water pillow covers, always check for the warranty period. If you are not comfortable with the water-based cover or pillow, kindly check if there are any return policies. Some manufacturers give offers like a 100-night free trial; you can go for those products as well.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often can you change the water in a water pillow?

Usually, the water inside the pillow can stay till one year. In between, if you feel like washing the pillow, you can fill fresh water.

How often should pillows be changed?

All water-based pillows last for about two years approximately. Whenever you feel, you can replace it according to your wish. Depending on the quality of the built, the water pillows should be purchased.


Never compromise with your sleep at any cost. There are various offers that you can avail online to get the water pillows you desire. Before planning to bring the best water pillow at home, check different sites for comparing the prices and discounts.